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  • Huawei also created this cool feature to help you find your phone more quickly. It’s called voice wake up, and you can ask your phone “Where are you?” or some other phrase, and your phone will respond, saying, “I’m here,” and play music until you find it.

    Malarie Gokey,
  • So if the cloud’s not private, how can your TV respond to voice commands? Simple. Use speech-recognition services that are baked right into the TV – no cloud required.

    Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends
  • Of particular interest is the fact that TrulySecure is an on-device biometric identification system that does not rely on a connection to the cloud. Many users prefer this approach because they do not wish for their biometric data to be replicated and stored outside of their personal devices.

    Max Maxfield, EE Times
  • TrulySecure works by watching and listening as you repeat a passphrase a couple times. The system tracks the way your lips move and registers the unique attributes of your voice.

    Josh Ong, The Next Web
  • Given Qualcomm’s prominence as a mobile technology developer and the technological advancement on display in its latest offerings, the partnership reflects very well on the confidence the company has in Sensory’s technology.

    Alex Perala, Mobile ID World
  • With touchless control, Motorola and Google upped the ante.

    Eric Mack, CNET
  • Speech recognition company Sensory is expanding into the computer vision space with a new smartphone security client that uses both voice and face recognition to lock down your phone.

    Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom
  • MotoX is a fantastic phone with many great features. My favorite is Touchless Control… Ask it the weather, to call a friend or do a Google search, and it'll just do it, and you never have to touch the phone.

    Pete Pachal, Mashable
  • Sensory is continuing to exhibit leadership in handsfree control by allowing a secure multimodal biometric that doesn’t require touching devices to make them work.

    Dan Miller, Opus Research
  • Touchless the most useful feature [on Moto X].

    David Pogue, NY Times
  • The defining feature of the Moto X is it’s a virtual ear, always straining to hear its owner’s voice say three magic words that will rouse it to action: "Okay, Google Now."

    Steven Levy, WIRED
  • The phone [Moto X] has all the standard features expected of today’s top smartphone, with a twist: the ability to control the phone by talking to it, without lifting a finger.

    The New York Times
  • The voice-response system, called BlueGenie is surprisingly accurate for such a small device. It's better than the voice system in my Blackberry phone.

    US News and World Report
  • [BlueGenie is] an intuitive voice control system...the finest voice recognition user interface we've seen.

    Good Gear Guide
  • Sensory is trying to revolutionize voice and speech recognition by creating TrulyHandsfree, which looks to evolve our interactions with our smart devices.

    Talk Android
  • It may not seem like much, but that little detail of getting the phone to wake up via a voice command - which Sensory calls ‘TrulyHandsfree’ - is one of the trickiest.

  • With its dual biometric factors, AppLock comes closer to the security-and-convenience ideal than I've ever seen.

    Mike Feibus, usatoday

Sensory in the News

App Review: AppLock Face/Voice Recognition
May 18, 2016
Tom Dawson, Android Headlines… AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is an Android app developed by Sensory and aims to make your chosen apps as secure as possible, by making it impossible for anyone other than yourself to open the apps. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition does this by using both voice recognition using either a predetermined phrase or one of your own chosen phrases, as well as your own face using the front-facing camera on your device.…………………

Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Gboard, SuperFly, and More
May 16, 2016
Istvan Fekete, Tech.CO… Android users may benefit from another layer of security with AppLock. After going through the setup process, users can select which apps they want to protect. There are two levels of protection AppLock offers: one that requires only voice or face recognition, and the second, “TrulySecure,” requires both to unlock the desired app.…………………

Sensory enables face, voice biometrics on Android
May 14, 2016
Zack Martin, Secure ID News… Sensory announced the release of its face and voice biometric fusion app called AppLock on the Google Play store. The app adds an extra layer of security to any mobile app. AppLock combines an intuitive user interface with face and voice biometric authentication technologies to keep prying eyes out of personal apps, making it so that only the device’s owner can access them. …………………

Sensory suggests a natural approach to strong app authentication with AppLock
May 11, 2016
Chris Burt, Biometric Update… Sensory has launched a free, easy-to-use app to secure Android devices with voice and facial recognition, the company announced Wednesday. AppLock utilizes impenetrable deep learning biometric fusion technology and liveness detection, and the company says it provides twice the security of the best fingerprint and iris sensors with near instant user verification when unlocking apps.………………….

Sensory Launches Upgraded Android Security App
May 11, 2016
Alex Perala, Mobile ID World… Sensory Inc. has launched an upgraded version of its Android app that adds a powerful layer of security to app protection. Called AppLock, the system uses facial and voice recognition technology to lock apps as designated by the user.………………….

AppLock Protects Android Apps With Face and Voice Biometrics
May 10, 2016
Brandy Shaul, Adweek – Social Times… Sensory announced the full release of its facial- and voice-recognition application on Android. The app allows users to lock access to specific apps and open them by using face and/or voice recognition.………………….

Mobile App Security: Using Biometric Fusion to Protect Apps
May 10, 2016
Boyan Josic, Josic…  A new mobile security app is being released today which employs biometric fusion technology. AppLock combines face and voice verification which offers twice the security of fingerprint scanners for safeguarding apps on your mobile device.………………….

Samsung continues to utilize speech recognition technology by Sensory
April 3, 2016
Stephen Mayhew, Biometric UpdateSensory Inc. announced this past week that Samsung continues to utilize TrulyHandsfree technology to provide speech trigger and speech recognition experience on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones, even when no internet connection is present. ………………….

Samsung Galaxy S7 Devices Feature TrulyHandsfree Tech
March 31, 2016, Samsung has licensed Sensory Inc.’s TrulyHandsfree technology for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. The integration brings embedded speech recognition to the flagship devices. ………………….

A new Intel partnership may finally bring Siri to the desktop
March 17, 2016
Nate Swanner, The Next WebIntel is adding speech recognition features to its system-on-chips (SoC) via a partnership with Sensory…………………..

Intel Could Be Bringing Always-On Voice Assistants to Laptops
March 17, 2016
Chris Mills, GizmodoAlways-on digital assistants like “Hey Siri” and “OK Google” add an important layer of simplicity, but thus far they’ve not made it to laptops, mostly due to battery reasons. A new Intel partnership with Sensory is hoping to solve that. …………………..

Apple Rumors 2016: Siri For OS X Is Looking Like A Real Possibility With Intel’s Latest Sensory Partnership
March 17, 2016
Cammy Harbison, iDigitalTimesThree weeks ago, rumors emerged that Apple could bring Siri to the desktop in the next OS X and now it looks like that rumor will be realized. On Tuesday, Intel announced a new partnership with Sensory to develop speech recognition features for its system-on-chips (SoC)…………………..

Siri On Desktop May Finally Be Possible Thanks to Intel
March 17, 2016
Sikander Mahmood, Tech FragSiri has been exclusive to Apple mobile devices and many, for a long time, feel that it is time to bring it to Desktop computers. Of course, Siri belongs to Apple to MAC PCs will be the only ones getting her if that ever happens. If some recent indications are to be believed, we may see this happening sooner than most think. Intel has partnered with Sensory and this partnership may result in Siri coming to Desktop……………………

Always-on voice assistants coming to Windows laptops
March 17, 2016
Tech by Viv, Geek SnackAs a result of a partnership between Intel and Sensory, always-on voice assistants and voice recognition might soon be features included in every Windows laptop and machine in the future……………………

Intel’s latest partnership could pave the way for Siri on Macs
March 17, 2016
JC Torres, SlashGearWith Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree speech recognition, any Intel current and future Intel system-on-chip could, in theory, have always-on speech recognition…………………….

Intel Integrates Sensory’s Voice Activation Tech into SoC Offerings
March 17, 2016
Alex Perala, FindBiometricsSensory Inc. has found a major new distribution channel for its TrulyHandsfree voice command technology: It’s now embedded in a number of system-on-chip (SoC) offerings from IT giant Intel……………………

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Speech Recognition Now Available on Intel SoC Platforms
March 17, 2016
Virtual-Strategy MagazineTrulyHandsfree is the most accurate and lowest power speech recognition solution available on Intel low power DSPs in Skylake, Anniedale, Broxton, Broadwell and Merrifield SoCs……………………

Una alianza de Intel con Sensory sirve en bandeja de plata la vía para activar Siri en los Mac
March 17, 2016
Miguel López, ApplesferaDesde The Next Web nos explican dicho acuerdo con Sensory, una compañía especializada en sistemas de reconocimiento de voz. Integrando ese sistema propietario en una placa de Intel de forma completamente nativa se consigue que un ordenador sea capaz de reconocer una voz sin que haya que consumir demasiados recursos……………………

Tu próximo ordenador estará siempre escuchándote y esperando órdenes
March 17, 2016
Pedro Moya, OmicronoIntel quiere llevar los asistentes de voz a los ordenadores, permitiendo que estén siempre escuchando a la espera de nuestras órdenes………………….

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Speech Recognition Available on Intel SoC
March 17, 2016
Leonard Klie, Speech Tech MagSensory, a provider of embedded voice and vision technologies, today announced the broad availability of its TrulyHandsfree technology as deeply embedded ports on many of Intel’s latest software-on-a-chip (SoC) platforms targeting the PC, tablet, and smartphone industries………………….

Sensory Biometrics Helping Track Attendance in South America With Inngresa
March 7, 2016
FindBiometricsBiometrics company Sensory, Inc. is helping track employee attendance in Peru, Chile and Colombia thanks to a licensing agreement with Inngresa………………….

INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory
February 18, 2016
FindBiometricsFindBiometrics is on its way to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2016, and Sensory, Inc. will be exhibiting there. Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, recently had the opportunity to speak with Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory in advance of this year’s MWC………………….

Raising the Bar on Mobile Biometric Security
January 11, 2016
Tom Kevan, Electronics360Until recently, smartphone developers have been hard pressed to defend against evermore-sophisticated security threats while keeping the process of gaining access to the device as convenient as possible. This may well change with the release of the newly upgraded TrulySecure biometric embedded software platform from Sensory…………………

Samsung ARTIK to Offer Sensory TrulyHandsfree Support
January 4, 2016
FindBiometricsSensory’s TrulyHandsfree solution will be supported by the Samsung ARTIK platform, the company has announced. TrulyHandsfree is Sensory’s flagship speech recognition system, and was updated late last summer to use deep learning technology to filter out background noise, among other improvements. ARTIK, meanwhile, is Samsung’s chip line for the Internet of Things, offering developers the building blocks to put together a variety of IoT solutions…………………

Deploying speech recognition locally versus the cloud
December 17, 2015
Todd Mozer, Embedded Computing – Guest BlogEveryone familiar with Siri, Google Now, Cortana, S-Voice, and/or Echo is familiar with the progress and improvement in speech recognition over the past decade. Much of this improvement comes from cloud-based recognizers deploying “deep learning” on big data………………..

My humble advice for Samsung Mobile
December 9, 2015
Todd Mozer, Embedded Computing – Guest BlogLet me say that I welcome Dong-Jin Koh to lead Samsung Mobile. Samsung has a huge opportunity ahead of itself, and I have some strong opinions on how they should exploit this opportunity with a refined technology strategy……………….

Biometric Security Can Leave a Lasting Impression
December 8, 2015
Bernard Brafman, AppDeveloper MagazineEach year faster processors and new APIs offer developers more tools to use in the creation of their apps. While these advances offer opportunities, new capabilities also mean users expect the apps they use to perpetually improve update after update, and user experience is a chart topper on the list of elements they want improved………………..

IoT Editors Day Silicon Valley: Voice Control Could be the Future of IoT Security and Control
December 8, 2015
Ken Briodagh, IoTEvolutionVoice command is everywhere, and getting better all the time, and, for the IoT that’s good news…One company that’s leading the way to build safe and effective voice command software for IoT, M2M and mobile applications is Sensory, based in Santa Clara, California………………

Sensory leverages voice, facial biometrics in TrulySecure 2.0 on-device authentication solution
November 24, 2015
Donny Jackson, IWCE’s Urgent CommunicationsSilicon Valley-based Sensory last week announced the availability of TrulySecure 2.0, a multimodal biometric authentication technology that leverages both voice and facial biometrics technologies to ensure secure access to application on mobile Android devices……………..

Sensory launches update of TrulySecure face and voice biometric
November 24, 2015
Gina Jordan, SecureIDNewsTechnology licensing company Sensory has launched TrulySecure 2.0, an updated version of its speaker verification and face recognition solution released a year ago. The systems is for mobile, tablets and PCs and enables multimodal biometric authentication…………….

Dual Biometrics – Added Security Without Added Hassle
November 20, 2015
Contributed Article, App Developer MagazineOur mobile phones are a portable treasure trove of personal information. They often carry a record of where we’ve been through the metadata of our photos and the people we talk to in our call and message logs – not to mention our emails, notes, appointments and a range of other things we store inside different apps…………….

Biometric fusion-based security meets deep learning for smartphones & tablets
November 19, 2015
Max Maxfield, embedded.comOne of the hot areas in embedded space is that of biometric identification technologies, such as speech identification and facial recognition…. Sensory Inc. specializes in developing cutting-edge speech and vision recognition, identification, and verification technologies……………

TrulySecure Embeds Biometrics
November 19, 2015
Colin Johnson, EE TimesSensory Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.), the company that brought neural networks—the same type Apple uses to run Siri on “big iron” in the cloud—to the local hand-held devices is now claiming a voice+facial authentication system that uses the cell phone’s mic and camera………….

Financial Biometrics Month: Four Unique Modalities
November 19, 2015
Peter B. Counter, FindBiometrics… Financial biometrics are spreading like wildfire across the FinTech industry. With all the big financial service providers and most major banks embracing strong authentication for both payments and banking operations, there have never been so many ways to authorize the movement of money… While face and voice recognition each have their own separate applications in finance, the two modalities can combine to create something quite powerful in terms of flexibility and security………….

Sensory reveals multimodal solution TrulySecure 2.0
November 18, 2015
Planet Biometrics… Sensory has released a FIDO Certified multimodal biometric authentication technology called TrulySecure …………

With TrulySecure 2.0 Developers Can Move Beyond Thumbprint Recognition
November 18, 2015
Stuart Parkerson, App Developer MagazineSensory has released TrulySecure 2.0, the next generation of the company’s FIDO Certified multimodal biometric authentication technology. …………

TMCnet interview with Todd Mozer
November 18, 2015
Rich Tehrani, TMCnetEditors Day Santa Clara 2015, Interview with Todd Mozer…………

Sensory Launches TrulySecure 2.0
November 18, 2015
Alex Perala, Mobile ID WorldWith TrulySecure 2.0, Sensory Offers ‘Virtually Impenetrable Security’Sensory Inc. has launched TrulySecure 2.0, the next generation of one of its flagship multimodal platforms………….

Sensory launches FIDO certified multimodal biometric authentication solution, partner program
November 17, 2015
Justin Lee, Biometric UpdateSensory announced it has released its FIDO Certified multimodal biometric authentication solution TrulySecure 2.0, as well as launched a new partner program that provides discounts for app developers…………

TrulySecure 2.0 Offers ‘Virtually Impenetrable Security’
November 17, 2015
Alex Perala, FindBiometrics.comWith TrulySecure 2.0, Sensory Offers ‘Virtually Impenetrable Security’Sensory Inc. has launched TrulySecure 2.0, the next generation of one of its flagship multimodal platforms………..

Sensory CEO Todd Mozer on TrulySecure 2.0
November 17, 2015
Peter B. Counter, FindBiometrics.comTrulySecure 2.0 was released this morning and I recently had a chance to speak with Sensory’s CEO, Todd Mozer, about what’s new with this latest update……….

Sensory, Inc. at Money 20/20
November 13, 2015
The FindBiometrics Team, FindBiometrics.comSensory, Inc. was at Money20/20 this year and Peter O’Neill caught up with the company’s Vice President of Sales, Jeff Rogers. Sensory was promoting biometrics at the conference by showing off its TrulySecure biometric software, which is FIDO Certified and enables on-device face and voice recognition. In the following video, Rogers demonstrates the sensory technology………

Sensory Listens to Your Voice
November 2, 2015
Bryon Moyer, EEJournalIf you read our earlier piece on QuickLogic’s EOS device, and if you were paying attention to details, you might recall a quick mention of a company called Sensory that had partnered with QuickLogic for audio algorithms. Sensory subsequently released a product called TrulyHandsFree, and I connected with them to find out more about who they are and what they do……..

Biometrics set to do away with passwords, experts say
October 30, 2015
NPN via Raycom News Network, WBRCPasswords are passe... Insiders say the future of security, especially in banking, will be using biometrics to log in to accounts…….

Biometrics may lead to more secure banking
October 8, 2015
Jodi Mohrmann, News4JAX… Between voice activation, facial recognition and fingerprint verification, experts say biometric banking is booming….Biometrics expert Todd Mozer with Sensory Inc. explains what biometrics means. ……..

FIDO certifies more products
August 13, 2015
Planet BiometricsNewly certified FIDO 1.0 products include FIDO authenticators and servers from Egis, Feitian, GoTrust, MicroStrategy, Sensory, SK Planet, and Synaptics. ……..

The 2015 Speech Industry Star Performers: Sensory
August 7, 2015
David Myron, SpeechTech Magazine… Sensory Squeezes Large Vocabularies Into Small Devices –
Sensory is no newcomer to our Star Performer awards. The company received this honor last year for the introduction of its TrulySecure speaker verification technology, and for further developing its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control technology, which awakens consumer electronic devices once their name is called and enables them to respond without a button pressed. ……..

TrulyHandsfree 4.0 Uses Deep Learning to Filter Noise
August 7, 2015
Alex Perala, FindBiometrics… Sensory, Inc. has launched a new version of its TrulyHandsfree speech recognition system. In addition to a number of other improvements, TrulyHandsfree 4.0 boasts of deep learning technology that allows it to be as much as 80 percent more accurate than the previous iteration of the system. ……..

Sensory Speech Recognition Delivers 80% More Accuracy
August 7, 2015
News Desk, IHS Electronics360Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™ embedded always on and always-listening speech recognition platform has received a major upgrade boost in accuracy. By adding advanced deep learning and filter-bank features, Sensory increased accuracy by up to 80%, even in noisy environments. ……..

Sensory Adds Deep Learning to TrulyHandsfree Platform
August 6, 2015
Leonard Klie, SpeechTech MagazineNew speech extraction techniques in TrulyHandsfree 4.0 allow spoken commands to cut through real-world noise. ……..

Speech Recognition Gets an Upgrade
August 6, 2015
Ken Briodagh, IoT Evolution… Bringing machine listening into the IoT through deep learning is a new approach, but one that must be taken seriously. We’ll be watching. ……..

Sensory releases major update to its TrulyHandsfree speech recognition platform
August 6, 2015
Justin Lee, Biometric Update… TrulyHandsfree 4.0 offers several improvements over the previous version, including larger deep learning acoustic models with higher accuracy, new algorithms that overcome reverb and harsh acoustic environments, advanced filterbank features that improve front-end speech feature extraction, full compatibility with TrulyNatural, and improved architectural scalability which allows for low-power DSP implementations with secondary accuracy improvements at the operating system level. ……..

Soon we’ll have Siri-like assistants that don’t give up our secrets
August 6, 2015
Daniela Hernandez, Fusion… Take Sensory, for example, a company that develops security and voice-control technology. On Thursday, it released a new version of TrulyHandsfree, an always-on voice-recognition listening system, that benefits from this technology. While much of the AI we interact with on a daily basis–like GoogleNow, Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana–is beamed to our devices via the internet, TrulyHandsFree is local. ……..

Voice Biometrics for Connected Device Security
July 24, 2015
Staff, Connected World… Biometrics solutions can provide enhanced security for the connected devices that make up the IoT (Internet of Things). Sensory, a biometrics solutions provider, wants to make it even easier for OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) to embed speaker-verification technology into mobile devices, apps, consumer electronics, and automotive solutions. ……..

The Power of Voice
July 17, 2015
Tom Kevan, IHS Electronics 360… Powerful forces, old and new, have come together to dramatically change the way humans interact with devices… “As we have gotten more sophisticated GPUs, we have also gotten more sophisticated ways of interacting with products through voice,” says Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory Inc. ……..

Sensory Inc. releases embedded speaker verification SDK
July 1, 2015
Justin Lee, Biometric Update … Using advanced noise-robust signal processing, the technology is able to deliver strong performance and accuracy in a wide range of environments, including outdoors and in moderate-noise. ……..

TrulySecure Lets Devices Distinguish Between Speakers
June 30, 2015
Alex Perala, Mobile ID World… The technology supports multiple user profiles and is able to distinguish between each associated voice; and the more it’s used, the more accurate it gets. Sensory says that it has a success rate of up to 96 percent in accurately identifying users, and a 99.99 percent success rate at identifying impostors. ……..

VoiceDial: Making Hands-Free Truly Hands-Free
June 24, 2015
Luke Patrick, Android Apps Review … VoiceDial works incredibly well and rectifies a lot of its competitors mistakes, offering a way to hands-free dial your contacts with effortless, accurate ease… It’s a superior option to surpass what Siri and OK Google are doing with voice dialing. ……..

Cutting the cord on voice control
June 5, 2015
Richard Quinnell, EDN Network … With the advent of Apple’s Siri, voice control of electronic devices has entered the mainstream consciousness. This, in turn, has stirred interest in adding voice control to embedded systems, as well………..

VoiceDial app adds hands-free voice dialing to Android devices, no cloud required
June 1, 2015
Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends … Sensory Inc. … has released its free VoiceDial app for Android smartphones and tablets, enabling users to make calls to contacts by voice without touching their device……….

Sensory releases speech recognition app for Android smartphones
May 28, 2015
Justin Lee, Biometric Update … Sensory Inc. has released its VoiceDial application for Android phones and tablets, which uses Sensory’s voice biometrics based TrulyHandsfree technology to build and search the device’s contact lists by voice………

Sensory reveals details of AppLock
May 28, 2015
planet biometrics … Santa Clara-based IT security firm Sensory has released a video showing how its facial and voice recognition biometric app works ……..

Sensory Unveils TrulyNatural, To Be Used By Robot
May 12, 2015
FindBiometrics … Designed to be natural, fast, scalable, flexible and accurate, TrulyNatural, according to  a press release issued by Sensory, “offers substantive advantages over cloud-based solutions”……..

Sensory Releases TrulyNatural Deep Neural Net Speech Recognition
May 11, 2015
Leonard Klie, SpeechTechMag …  “Over the years, Sensory has pioneered many speech technology trends, most recently with our always-on, always-listening speech solution TrulyHandsfree, a technology that many in the industry thought was impossible to achieve because of the difficult requirements of both high accuracy and low power consumption. We are confident that we have another groundbreaker on our hands with TrulyNatural,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, during a press conference……..

Sensory Inc. launches speech recognition platform, signs Jibo, Inc. as customer
May 11, 2015
Justin Lee, …Sensory Inc. announced it has released TrulyNatural, a client-based large vocabulary speech recognition platform that offers high accuracy, along with a more consistent and secure user experience……..

Sensory Releases TrulyNatural, Licenses It For Social Robot
May 11, 2015
Peter Counter, MobileIDWorld… Sensory, Inc. announced today the release of TrulyNatural, a client-based large vocabulary speech recognition platform. Designed to be natural, fast, scalable, flexible and accurate, TrulyNatural, according to  a press release issued by Sensory, “offers substantive advantages over cloud-based solutions”……..

Jibo robot snags new Sensory cloud-free speech control
May 11, 2015
Chris Davies, Slash Gear… Jibo, announced last year and expected to ship in 2016, may look like a kitchen appliance brought to life, but thanks to Sensory’s new TrulyNatural system will be able to perpetually listen and react to a broad range of voice commands without requiring a connection to the cloud as most speech-recognition does……

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition Provides Security and Peace of Mind
April 20, 2015
Sarah Hanlon, Android Apps Review …Whether you share your Android device or you’re looking for a way to keep certain apps safe from prying eyes, AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is a must-have tool for protecting apps…….

Secure your apps with AppLock Face/Voice Recognition
April 17, 2015
Larry Sullivan, App Review Central… If you are looking for a quick and easy way to control access to particular apps on your Android device, AppLock from Sensory is a great option……

To make your smart TV safe from spying, manufacturers need to up their game
March 25, 2015
Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends… Comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to notoriously joke that “in Soviet Union, television watches you!”…..

Questions Arise About Security of Alipay Facial Recognition
March 19, 2015
Alex Perala, Mobile ID World … The emerging vulnerabilities of mCommerce are a serious threat, but there are viable multi-factor solutions, and sticking with archaic password systems is not a good option…..

Qualcomm Integrates Sensory’s Low-Power Voice Recognition
March 11, 2015
Alex Perala, Mobile ID World … Sensory Inc. has announced a major new partnership with respect to its low-power voice control system. Mobile technology developer Qualcomm has agreed to implement Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Voice Control 3.0 technology into its upcoming platforms…..

Biometric security may soon be ready for prime time
February 10, 2015
Mark Albertson, Examiner … A different approach to biometrics is being offered by Sensory, a company that has specialized in consumer speech and voice technologies since 1994. In January, the company released a new Android app that combines both facial and voice authentication into one product……

Sensory Continues Expansion, Rolls out Voice Biometric Solution AppLock
January 27, 2015
Michele Masterson, Speech Technology Magazine … The new year has barely begun and Sensory has already disclosed a series of partnerships and product rollouts. The company has been expanding, says founder and CEO Todd Mozer, hiring more employees while it continues to grow its authentication technologies on both the speech and vision sides…..

New Android app with voice and facial recognition
January 21, 2015
Stephen Mayhew, … Sensory, Inc has released AppLock, a new Android application available at the Google Play Store that uses biometric fusion to allow mobile device users to secure their applications….

Let me (and only me) in my iPhone
January 19, 2015
Mike Feibus, Special for USA TODAY … Sensory, which develops voice and vision biometric technology for consumer products, approached me about its new authentication app called AppLock. AppLock, which is available beginning today on the Android Play Store, leverages the smartphone’s microphone as well as the camera to employ both voice and vision to authenticate users….

Sensory Expands Market for TrulyHandsfree Speech
January 8, 2015
Leonard Klie,… Sensory this week released a low-power sound detector that will allow its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control to operate at ultra-low power. This hardware addition is expected to further drive down power consumption and extend the battery life for always-on, always-listening devices that can accept voice inputs for command and control functions….

Sensory and Nok Nok Labs to provide FIDO-Ready voice and facial authentication
January 7, 2015
Stephen Mayhew,… Sensory Inc. has partnered with Nok Nok Labs to provide voice and facial-based authentication solutions to Nok Nok Labs’ customers that meet Fast Identity Online Alliance’s new specifications…

Audio CODECs tout improved voice control, audio capability
September 22, 2014
EET Asia…Targeting wearables, a low power voice trigger is available on the DA7322 and DA7323 where over a dozen keywords can be supported with over 95 per cent accuracy without false triggering. This capability is demonstrated by the TrulyHandsfree always-on voice activation and recognition software provided by Sensory, which includes trigger to search, user-defined triggers, speaker verification and identification and multiple language support. …..

SpeechTech Magazine names Sensory as a “Star Performer” in the 2014 Speech Industry Awards
July 31, 2014
The Editors of Speech Technology…This year, there were notable advancements in mobile authentication, intelligent assistants, visual IVR, wearable devices, natural language, analytics, and mobile voice search. Thanks to our 15 Star Performers, all of these efforts were propelled to new heights…..

Sensory’s CEO Todd Mozer named as one of the “2014 Speech Luminaries”
July 31, 2014
The Editors of Speech Technology… The Visionary Validator Todd Mozer, Founder, Sensory…..

The Vocca Light Switch Is A Modern-Day Clapper
July 30, 2014
Jordan Crook,…Smart bulbs are pretty cool… until you realize that physically flipping the switch is sometimes faster than unlocking your phone, opening the right app, and controlling the light through your mobile device…Along with voice control (powered by Sensory technology), the Vocca offers similar controls to other smart lighting systems on the market, including control of your light bulbs from your phone, and the ability to set timers for when you wake up, go to sleep, etc…..

VOCCA: Add Voice Commands To Your Light Bulb
July 30, 2014 …There is no need for a WiFi connection to get your VOCCA working. The technology is based on voice recognition technology from Sensory…….

How biometrics could protect consumer privacy
July 23, 2014
YaKenda McGahee, CCTV-AMERICA…When it comes to securing your personal devices, passwords and even fingerprinting are considered by some as old fashioned……

Sensory’s Todd Mozer Discusses Biometric Security For Consumer Devices
July 18, 2014
William Wong, Electronic Design …Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory Inc., describes new speech and vision technologies that target consumer products including mobile and automotive platforms…..

Sensory Brings On-Device Face and Voice Recognition to Mobile
June 30, 2014
Peter Counter, MobileIDWorld …Competition is heating up over the security in your pocket. Today, Sensory announced a new biometric solution optimized for smartphones, tablets and PC platforms: TrulySecure™. A software-based multi-factor product, Sensory’s new technology suit is aimed at bringing accessibility to the consumer logical access control market….

Sensory Releases Combined Vision and Voice Authentication For Mobile Devices
June 30, 2014
Eliane Fiolet, …Sensory has been developing speech recognition software solutions for the past 20 years and I had the opportunity to meet CEO Todd Mozer for a demo of TrulySecure™, its new technology that enables biometric authentication for Smartphones, tablets and PCs. Sensory TrulySecure combines voice and face recognition to unlock applications on mobile devices, and it can be used by OEMs to unlock the device itself….

Voice & Face Unlock Smartphones & Tablets
June 30, 2014
Max Maxfield, EETimes …With the advent of increasingly sophisticated personal electronic devices, security is becoming more and more of an issue…Now Sensory has launched TrulySecure™, which combines speech identification and facial recognition to give a state-of-the-art security solution…

Sensory debuts a smartphone lock keyed to both your voice and your face
June 30, 2014
Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom …Speech recognition company Sensory is expanding into the computer vision space with a new smartphone security client that uses both voice and face recognition to lock down your phone…

Sensory combines voice and facial recognition to make your devices more secure
June 30, 2014
Josh Ong, TNW, The Next Web …Speech recognition specialist Sensory has announced TrulySecure™, a new biometric technology that monitors your face and your voice in order to authenticate you on your smartphone, PC or tablet…

Why Siri Is Apple’s Most Important Footnote
June 3, 2014
Sarah Kessler, Fast Company …“It [Siri]changed everybody’s expectations about what is possible,” says Gary Morgenthaler, an early Siri investor and board member. … Todd Mozer, Sensory’s CEO, remembers the attitude toward speech interfaces seeming to change overnight. “You wouldn’t believe the number of companies that suddenly were knocking on our doors and saying, ‘we want to add speech recognition, we don’t exactly know how, but we know we need to do it now,’” he says……

GSMA Announces Winners of the 2014 Global Mobile Awards
February 25, 2014
PRNewswire, BARCELONA, Spain…The GSMA today announced the winners of the 19th Annual Global Mobile awards, held at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The winners were honoured in an afternoon ceremony hosted by British actor, writer, presenter and comedian James Corden. …..

Sensory Adds TrulyHandsFree Technology to Cadence Voice Processors
February 20, 2014, The addition of Sensory’s TrulyHandsFree means that Cadence’s DSP voice processors consume less power. …..

Intel Is Working on a Smart, Voice-Enabled Headset
February 4, 2014
Leonard Klie,…Intel has been quietly working on a voice-enabled smart headset personal assistant, code-named Jarvis… In addition to Intel-developed firmware and software, the Intel smart headset reference design uses Sensory’s low-power, always-listening voice recognition technology …..

What’s All This About “Wearables”?
January 20, 2014
PRWeb, Some analysts suggest wearables are the “next big thing” and others suggest a limited role for such devices. A keynote panel at the Mobile Voice Conference, March 3-5 in San Francisco, led by Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory Inc., will address the issues surrounding the category. ….

Not All of the Wearables Intel Showed at CES Had Intel Inside
January 17, 2014
Ina Fried,… A big part of Intel’s pitch at CES was that its signature x86 processors could scale from their home turf of PCs all the way down to the smallest of devices… In the case of the (voice assistant-equipped) earpiece, Intel says that it developed the voice-controlled assistant and did note in a fact sheet that the speech recognition technology was powered by Sensory Inc.

Conexant Targets Far-Field Voice Processing for TVs, PCs, Smartphones & Tablets
January 9, 2014
Max Maxfield,…We are currently poised on the brink of a dramatic increase in the deployment of voice-controlled “things.” Some people call this “embedded speech,” while others refer to it as “emerging audio.” Whatever you call it, it won’t be long before the world in which we live will be a very different place…Last year, I told you about the folks at a company called Sensory, who are doing some incredible things with regard to speech recognition…

Voice biometrics and how far we’ve come
July 11, 2013
Adam Vrankulj,…. speech recognition and voice biometric technology have come a long way, and products using voice as a biometric modality are gaining a ton of traction in the market – with particular success in the consumer device and customer authentication spaces… According to Bernie Brafman, VP of Business Development for Sensory, there is one major problem and it’s voice biometric technology’s known Kryptonite: Background noise… Sensory, which focuses on embedded solutions and has been working with speech recognition and speaker identification for 20 years, has integrated speech technology in a new QNX concept car, though speaker recognition isn’t an option. The system lets users plot a route, pick music or perform pre-programmed actions….

TrulyHandsFree: Always-On Speech Recognition From Sensory
April 10, 2013
“If it has speech recognition, why do we have to use our fingers?” According to Bernie Brafman, Vice President of Business Development at Sensory, that simple question has been at the forefront of many of the company’s customers’ minds throughout Sensory’s 19-year existence… Always-active speech recognition requires that the microphone, ADC, memory and DSP (or other processor running the speech recognition algorithms) be perpetually powered up, presumably leading to unacceptable battery drain in the portable electronics devices that constitute a dominant percentage of Sensory’s various potential markets… By preceding speech recognition with simpler voice detection, along with optimizing the software and the processing core(s) that run them, Sensory believes that it has resolved this quandary….

Hello, Bentley: Using Sensory speech technology to create a natural user experience
March 7, 2013
Bernard Brafman & Justin Moon, QNX Auto Blog…Speech recognition is a key component of the latest QNX technology concept car, a modified Bentley Continental GT. The speech rec system lets you plot a route or select your favorite artist using natural speech, but it goes even further by letting you simply ask the car to perform an action. Leveraging Sensory’s FluentSoft SDK, more specifically the TrulyHandsfreeTM Voice Control technology, the QNX concept development team implemented keyword spotting techniques to interact with the vehicle.. …

Tensilica and Sensory Drive Industry’s Lowest Power DSP-Based Voice Activation Solution
Santa Clara, CA, February 25, 2013
Design&Reuse…Low Power Speech Detection Enables Under 25 µW. Tensilica, Inc. and Sensory today announced that the two companies have worked together to provide the lowest power voice activation solution based on Tensilica’s recently introduced HiFi Mini DSP (digital signal processor) IP core and Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™ always-on voice activation technology. …

World’s lowest-power speech recognition solution for mobile devices now available
Edinburgh, UK, February 19, 2013
Design&Reuse…Wolfson Microelectronics, a global leader in the delivery of high performance mixed-signal semiconductors and audio solutions for the consumer electronics market, and Sensory, a leader in speech technologies for consumer electronics, have today announced the availability of Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Voice Control and audio detect front-end on Wolfson’s latest ultra-low power platforms for mobile phone audio channel processing. …

Sensory’s mega-cool TrulyHandsfree voice control 3.0
February 19, 2013
Clive Maxfield, EE Times Products…. Speech recognition and voice control technology has exploded recently with some amazing capabilities, such as the ability to recognize keywords being spoken in a crowded party with humongous amounts of background noise… And keeping the ball rolling, the guys and gals at Sensory have just announced the release of TrulyHandsfree Voice Control 3.0. This latest version provides the ability for end users to create their own custom voice triggers and biometric passphrases that identify who they are and unlock features, permit access, or call up customized settings…

Sensory Announces TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control 3.0
February 19, 2013
findBIOMETRICS…Sensory, Inc. today announces the release of TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control 3.0 with the ability for end users to create their own custom voice triggers and biometric passphrases that identify who they are and unlock features, permit access, or call up customized settings….

CEVA and Sensory Partner to Deliver Lowest Power Voice Activation Solution Based on CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP Platform
February 19, 2013
Design&Reuse…Optimized TrulyHandsfree™ technology from Sensory leverages performance, power benefits and tool chain efficiency of leading voice/audio DSP; Companies to showcase solution at Mobile World Congress 2013…

Sensory’s New TrulyHandsfree 3.0 Speaker Verification and Speaker Identification Optimized Port Available on Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs
February 19, 2013
Design&Reuse…Tensilica, Inc. and Sensory today announced that the two companies have partnered to provide an optimized port of Sensory’s new TrulyHandsfree 3.0 Voice Control software to Tensilica’s family of HiFi Audio/Voice DSP IP cores…

3.0 is a Real Charm for Sensory TrulyHandsfree Voice Control
February 19, 2013
Dan Miller, opusresearch …The latest version of Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree(TM) technology marks some radical leaps forward for embedded speech processing resources and secure device activation…

Speech Finds a Home
February 10, 2013
Leonard Klie, Speech Technology…”We shouldn’t have to push buttons to use the speech recognition,” Mozer says. “The whole purpose of speech in this case is so we would not have to use a lot of button pushes.” His company, Sensory, has been at the forefront of development in this area. Its TrulyHandsfree Trigger is a voice technology that makes devices and applications come alive—or “wake up”—with a spoken word or phrase. …

Can’t Touch? Just Talk
January 21, 2013
Rich Quinnell, Microcontroller Central …The video below (view in online source) gives some examples of text-to-speech synthesis available from the embedded speech specialist Sensory Inc…Sensory Inc. offers a number of devices that provide voice control… One device that might be of particular interest here is Sensory’s NLP-5x, a microcontroller with natural language processing capability…

Yes, We Can Hear You Now! The Rise of Embedded Speech
January 16, 2013
Clive Maxfield, All Programmable Planet… By some strange quirk of fate, I’ve been hearing a lot about the topic of embedded speech recently, ranging from discussions on the NPR (National Public Radio) … to articles like Ubiquitous sensors meet the most natural interface – speech on EDN (Electronic Design News)…I’ve been talking to the folks at Sensory. These are the guys and gals who are featured in the EDN article mentioned above; they are also the ones who are giving the paper at Design West. In addition to having their own custom microcontroller that is dedicated to embedded speech applications, they also have an SDK (software development kit) and API (application programming interface) that allows their speech recognition and generation software to be run on other processors….

Ubiquitous sensors meet the most natural interface–speech—Part I
Ubiquitous sensors meet the most natural interface–speech—Part II
January 14, 2013
Bernard Brafman,Sensory inc. EDN Network … Advances in sensor technology have surrounded us with devices that are aware of our activities and environment and that enable systems to deliver convenience and comfort. Among the most ubiquitous of sensors is the microphone. …

QNX Re-imagines the Driving Experience with New Technology Concept Car
LAS VEGAS, 2013 International CES (North Hall, Booth 1837), January 8,
QNX Software Systems Limited… The concept car, based on a Bentley Continental GT convertible, integrates technologies never before seen in any vehicle, to show how QNX Software Systems is helping its customers build the “connected cockpit” of tomorrow… Just say “Hello Bentley,” and the car’s voice recognition system immediately starts interacting with you, in a distinctly British accent. No button pushes needed, as the system uses Truly Handsfree™ keyword spotting technology from Sensory…

Tensilica Introduces the Smallest, Lowest Power DSP IP Core For Always-Listening Voice Trigger and Voice Recognition
January 3, 2013
Tensilica , …Tensilica is working with Sensory and other software partners that will provide the voice-activation, speech command recognition, voice pre-processing and noise reduction products optimized on the HiFi Mini DSP…”Power is the single most important factor in enabling always-on listening capability in mobile devices. Using Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™ voice control technology, HiFi Mini is able to achieve less than 88 uW of power for the core in 28 nm HPL, achieving both the lowest power consumption and uncompromising accuracy for speech recognition,” stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica’s senior director of mobile multimedia …The HiFi Mini DSP IP core will be available in March 2013. Tensilica will demonstrate Sensory’s Truly Handsfree voice trigger and speech command products on HiFi Mini at the Consumer Electronics Show in booth MP25060, January 8-11, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV USA.