HEAR ME - Speech Blog  |  Read more January 21, 2015 - An Inside look at Sensory’s Strategic Endeavors

I know it’s been months since Sensory has blogged and I thank you for pinging me to ask what’s going on…Well, lot’s going on at Sensory. There are  really 3 areas that we are putting a strategic focus on, and I’ll briefly mention each: Applications. We have put our first applications into the Google Play […]



  • Of particular interest is the fact that TrulySecure is an on-device biometric identification system that does not rely on a connection to the cloud. Many users prefer this approach because they do not wish for their biometric data to be replicated and stored outside of their personal devices.

    Max Maxfield, EE Times
  • Speech recognition company Sensory is expanding into the computer vision space with a new smartphone security client that uses both voice and face recognition to lock down your phone.

    Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom
  • TrulySecure works by watching and listening as you repeat a passphrase a couple times. The system tracks the way your lips move and registers the unique attributes of your voice.

    Josh Ong, The Next Web
  • Sensory is continuing to exhibit leadership in handsfree control by allowing a secure multimodal biometric that doesn’t require touching devices to make them work.

    Dan Miller, Opus Research
  • With touchless control, Motorola and Google upped the ante.

    Eric Mack, CNET
  • Touchless the most useful feature [on Moto X].

    David Pogue, NY Times
  • MotoX is a fantastic phone with many great features. My favorite is Touchless Control… Ask it the weather, to call a friend or do a Google search, and it'll just do it, and you never have to touch the phone.

    Pete Pachal, Mashable
  • The defining feature of the Moto X is it’s a virtual ear, always straining to hear its owner’s voice say three magic words that will rouse it to action: "Okay, Google Now."

    Steven Levy, WIRED
  • The phone [Moto X] has all the standard features expected of today’s top smartphone, with a twist: the ability to control the phone by talking to it, without lifting a finger.

    The New York Times
  • The voice-response system, called BlueGenie is surprisingly accurate for such a small device. It's better than the voice system in my Blackberry phone.

    US News and World Report
  • [BlueGenie is] an intuitive voice control system...the finest voice recognition user interface we've seen.

    Good Gear Guide
  • Sensory is trying to revolutionize voice and speech recognition by creating TrulyHandsfree, which looks to evolve our interactions with our smart devices.

    Talk Android
  • It may not seem like much, but that little detail of getting the phone to wake up via a voice command - which Sensory calls ‘TrulyHandsfree’ - is one of the trickiest.

  • With its dual biometric factors, AppLock comes closer to the security-and-convenience ideal than I've ever seen.

    Mike Feibus, usatoday

Embedded Software & SDKs

Medium Vocabulary Speech Recognition Technology

Sensory’s FluentSoft™ technology is capable of recognizing thousands of words. Designed to create a natural man-machine interface, FluentSoft™ employs both word spotting and phrase spotting technologies to avoid the limitations of discrete word command-and-control, and TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control to enable always-on, always listening devices that work reliably in real-world conditions. FluentSoft™ is targeted for low-cost, large volume applications such as mobile devices, automobiles, home automation, and medical and industrial instrumentation.

Sensory’s medium vocabulary, speaker independent FluentSoft™ SDK enables you to integrate revolutionary high-quality, advanced speech recognition technology into your high-end embedded consumer electronics, while using moderate amounts of memory and CPU resources. The FluentSoft™ phonetic recognition engine can build new vocabularies based on text input, even on the device. The SDK is available for Android, iOS, Linux, QNX and Windows as well as ultra-low power Deeply Embedded ports on leading DSP IP cores and integrated circuits.

Voice Solutions for BlueTooth® Headsets

Sensory’s BlueGenie Voice Interface software suite runs on CSR’s BC-5 MM Kalimba DSP, and enables manufacturers of Bluetooth products to integrate full voice control and synthetic speech output without the need for visual displays or complex user interfacing. It frees designers to pack functionality onto small form factor Bluetooth devices and answers consumer demand for a truly hands-free experience.

BlueGenie Product Brief

Bluetooth Solutions


Sensory is committed to supporting the latest and most popular platforms for wireless handsets, PC’s, and embedded operating systems. Please visit the links to our Platform Partners for more information.