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  • Huawei also created this cool feature to help you find your phone more quickly. It’s called voice wake up, and you can ask your phone “Where are you?” or some other phrase, and your phone will respond, saying, “I’m here,” and play music until you find it.

    Malarie Gokey,
  • So if the cloud’s not private, how can your TV respond to voice commands? Simple. Use speech-recognition services that are baked right into the TV – no cloud required.

    Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends
  • Of particular interest is the fact that TrulySecure is an on-device biometric identification system that does not rely on a connection to the cloud. Many users prefer this approach because they do not wish for their biometric data to be replicated and stored outside of their personal devices.

    Max Maxfield, EE Times
  • TrulySecure works by watching and listening as you repeat a passphrase a couple times. The system tracks the way your lips move and registers the unique attributes of your voice.

    Josh Ong, The Next Web
  • Given Qualcomm’s prominence as a mobile technology developer and the technological advancement on display in its latest offerings, the partnership reflects very well on the confidence the company has in Sensory’s technology.

    Alex Perala, Mobile ID World
  • With touchless control, Motorola and Google upped the ante.

    Eric Mack, CNET
  • Speech recognition company Sensory is expanding into the computer vision space with a new smartphone security client that uses both voice and face recognition to lock down your phone.

    Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom
  • MotoX is a fantastic phone with many great features. My favorite is Touchless Control… Ask it the weather, to call a friend or do a Google search, and it'll just do it, and you never have to touch the phone.

    Pete Pachal, Mashable
  • Sensory is continuing to exhibit leadership in handsfree control by allowing a secure multimodal biometric that doesn’t require touching devices to make them work.

    Dan Miller, Opus Research
  • Touchless the most useful feature [on Moto X].

    David Pogue, NY Times
  • The defining feature of the Moto X is it’s a virtual ear, always straining to hear its owner’s voice say three magic words that will rouse it to action: "Okay, Google Now."

    Steven Levy, WIRED
  • The phone [Moto X] has all the standard features expected of today’s top smartphone, with a twist: the ability to control the phone by talking to it, without lifting a finger.

    The New York Times
  • The voice-response system, called BlueGenie is surprisingly accurate for such a small device. It's better than the voice system in my Blackberry phone.

    US News and World Report
  • [BlueGenie is] an intuitive voice control system...the finest voice recognition user interface we've seen.

    Good Gear Guide
  • Sensory is trying to revolutionize voice and speech recognition by creating TrulyHandsfree, which looks to evolve our interactions with our smart devices.

    Talk Android
  • It may not seem like much, but that little detail of getting the phone to wake up via a voice command - which Sensory calls ‘TrulyHandsfree’ - is one of the trickiest.

  • With its dual biometric factors, AppLock comes closer to the security-and-convenience ideal than I've ever seen.

    Mike Feibus, usatoday

NLP-5x Natural Language Processor

Advanced Speech Technologies that include Sensory, Motor and Display Controls

The NLP-5x is designed to offer advanced speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), high quality music and speech synthesis and robotic control to cost-sensitive high volume products. Based on a 16-bit DSP, the NLP-5x integrates digital and analog processing blocks and a wide variety of communication interfaces into a single chip solution minimizing the need for external components.

The NLP-5x operates in tandem with FluentChip™ firmware – an ultra-compact suite of technologies that enables products with up to 750 seconds of compressed speech, natural language interface grammars, TTS synthesis, TrulyHandsfree™ triggers, multiple speaker dependent and independent vocabularies, high quality stereo music, speaker verification (voice password), robotics firmware and all application code built into the NLP-5x as a single chip solution.

The NLP-5x also represents unprecedented flexibility in application hardware designs. Thanks to the highly integrated architecture, the most cost-effective voice user interface (VUI) designs can be built with as few additional parts as a clock crystal, speaker, microphone, and few resistors and capacitors. The same integration provides all the necessary control functions on-chip to enable cost-effective man-machine interfaces (MMI) with sensing technologies, and complex robotic products with motors, displays and interactive intelligence.

Programming and Development Tools

NLP-5x Block Diagram


Detailed Documentation and Downloads

NLP-5x Datasheet (2.4MB) 80-0317-K
NLP-5x Product Brief (90k) 80-0329-A
NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Manual (558k) 80-0314-A
NLP-5x Program Verification Manual (431k) 80-0319-A
FluentChip 5 Technology Reference Manual (290k .chm) 80-0316-A
Installing ZVIEW IDE Tools (248k) 80-0320-F
NLP-5x Debugging using ZViewIDE (248k) 80-0328-A
Design Note: Programming the NLP-5x RPM (209k) 80-0330-A

Video Library

Sensory Inc’s NLP-5x in Microwave Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP-5x in Microwave Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Solution in Pill Dispenser Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Solution in Pill Dispenser Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Text-to-Speech Solution Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Text-to-Speech Solution Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Solution in a Remote Control Demo
Sensory Inc’s NLP Solution in a Remote Control Demo