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The Best Vision-Free Products at CES

January 14, 2009

CES came and went in a very hectic and busy flash. It was a record CES for Sensory, with 21 different products using our chips and technologies being shown across the floors and in the backrooms of hotel suites.
Last year Sensory announced 2 new things for CES, and both have proliferated into lots of successful products:

  • BlueGenie Voice Interface for Bluetooth chips. At CES, at least 4 headsets and 3 carkits were shown using Sensory’s BlueGenie. BlueAnt showed their new Q1 headsets, which is really beautiful and seems to perform even better than the very well regarded V1 – the first headset to ship with the BlueGenie Voice Interface.
  • Timeset technology for clocks. Sensory had several timeset customers (clocks that you talk to to find time, temperature, set time, etc.) that received particular acclaim at the show. The Hello Moshi clock (one of my favorite Sensory products EVER) was labeled by Good Morning America as the Best Product of CES. The Jensen Clock was designated a Top 8 Products of CES by CNN.

The National Federation of the Blind in conjunction with legendary recording artist Stevie Wonder and Sendero gave out awards to the best “Vision-Free” products, and Moshi Clock, BlueAnt V1, and the Accenda IPOD Controller (all Sensory customers) won awards. Sensory was also given an award and was the only technology company to receive one.

Check out the photo of Sensory’s VP Sales, Jeff Rogers, hanging with Stevie and Mike May of Sendero:

Stevie Wonder and Mike May Present Award to Sensory

Stevie Wonder and Mike May Present Award to Sensory


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