Reinvent Driving with AI

Speech recognition and computer vision solutions designed to keep you connected and get you where you are going, safely. Sensory’s AI enables the conveniences of the modern day without the distraction.


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Build a Private and Secure Smart Home

Sensory’s software solutions provide consumers with the convenience of natural language for voice control and feature access in a simple and intuitive way without requiring private data to be sent to the cloud. For manufacturers, Sensory enables custom wake words to support private brands with an out of the box working experience that requires no apps, wifi, or extra hardware purchases.

Consumer & Home Electronics 

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Functional, Flexible, Embedded Speech Technology

Sensory’s low-power high-accuracy speech recognition technology is the solution for manufacturers of hearables, fitness accessories, and wireless headphones with an intelligent voice user interface.

Wearables & Bluetooth

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Voice & Vision Capabilities: Essential Features

Voice control is an essential function in smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Globally deployed in over three billion products, Sensory provides software solutions for high accuracy speech recognition and computer vision that offers fast response times, works great in noise, and saves battery life.

Mobile, Tablets, & PC

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Custom AI Solutions

Trust Sensory’s 25 years of experience in artificial intelligence to deliver revolutionary speech recognition and multimodal biometric authentication with convenient deployment, high security, and enhanced cross platform support.

Banking, Medical, & Enterprise

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Improving the user experience, but not at the expense of privacy.

Privacy concerns are understandably the subject of many conversations today. Our embedded software, or AI on the edge, addresses these consumer concerns in a multitude of ways. The high accuracy of our wake word technology minimizes the likelihood that devices are listening when you don’t want them to. Our TrulyNatural software enables devices with an extremely intelligent natural language user interface, while keeping voice data private and secure; voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored. At Sensory we are committed to improving the user experience, but not at the expense of privacy.

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