AppLock from Sensory Keeps Apps Safe with Face and Voice Biometrics

Santa Clara, Calif., May 11, 2016 – With a simple enrollment process, AppLock from Sensory allows users to add face or voice, or combined face and voice biometric security to any apps

Sensory, a Silicon Valley company enhancing user experience and security for consumer electronics, today announced the first full-feature release of its free, easy-to-use, non-intrusive and highly secure face and voice biometric fusion app called AppLock Face/Voice Recognition on the Google Play store. Adding an extra layer of security to any mobile app has never been easier or more elegant. The app combines an intuitive user interface with advanced deep learning face and voice biometric authentication technologies to keep prying eyes out of your personal apps, making it so that you and only you can access them.

“Excitement for biometric technologies on mobile devices continues to be a driving force for innovation and adoption in the mobile space. Now more than ever, we are seeing various modalities of biometrics being utilized for securing sensitive bank and credit reporting apps. However, the majority of mainstream apps today fail to protect users from the potential risk of somebody gaining unauthorized access. We designed our AppLock Face/Voice Recognition app to provide users a seamless option for securing any app installed on their Android devices with our proprietary face and voice biometric technologies. By combining face and voice biometrics we are able to provide users with more than twice the security of single mode biometrics like fingerprint and iris,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.

Once AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is installed, users are taken through a quick enrollment and setup procedure that takes less than a minute. During enrollment, users are given the choice of three pre-determined voice passphrases or can set their own user-defined passphrase. Then, by simply looking at the camera and repeating the selected voice passphrase three times, the user is enrolled and can then select which apps they want protected, as well as the level of security they prefer for each. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition offers two modes of biometric security; convenience mode which utilizes either face or voice based on whichever biometric is verified first, or TrulySecure™ mode which requires verification of both face and voice biometrics in order to access an app. In the advanced settings menu, users can further secure their apps by enabling liveness detection, ensuring that a photo of the user wont trigger a false accept.

When opening any app protected by AppLock Face/Voice Recognition, a window instantly appears prompting the user to get in sight of the camera, while in parallel the microphone begins listening for the user’s voice saying the enrolled passphrase. The user verification process is nearly instant, and once identity is verified the window quickly disappears and the app opens.

“Security apps are an interesting category on the Google Play Store. We’ve found that in order to keep mobile users using a security app long-term, it must possess significant security advantages while not obstructing the user experience. The moment an app becomes inconvenient, it gets deleted. For this reason, we purposefully designed AppLock Face/Voice Recognition to be extremely secure, yet simple to set up, robust in features and discreet in function,” said Dr. Gordon Haupt, Senior Director of Vision Technologies at Sensory.

Unlike other biometric security apps that require special biometric sensors which are not a standard feature of all devices, AppLock Face/Voice Recognition only requires a front facing camera and microphone, making it compatible with virtually all Android smartphones and tablets. Face and voice, separately are the two most popular biometrics for Android security apps on the Google Play Store, with download rates and user ratings trending far higher than other forms of biometrics. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition offers a unique fusion of both face and voice biometric verification in one app for greater security.

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure technology, a state of the art deep learning face and voice biometric authentication solution that boasts industry-leading accuracy at recognizing the correct user and keeping imposters out. Sensory offers TrulySecure SDKs for all major operating systems which can be licensed to mobile device manufacturers and app developers interested in employing biometric fusion technology in their own products.

Watch the demo video for AppLock Face/Voice Recognition from Sensory on YouTube here.

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About Sensory Inc.
Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior user experience through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” touchless control. Sensory’s TrulySecure face and voice biometrics authentication technology also broke the mold for its respective segment by becoming the first multimodal biometrics technology to become FIDO Certified. To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over a billion units of leading consumer products.

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