Sensory Automotive

Sensory Automotive is a full voice and vision suite of AI technologies that operate efficiently in the car without connecting to a network. It provides a natural and intuitive voice and vision interface that resides fully on device, which ensures fast, accurate, and reliable performance.  Sensory Automotive elevates the in-car experience with unmatched privacy, safety and system compatibility.

Accurate. Private. On-Device AI

Interface with Connected Voice Applications

Make a natural language query for real time data, such as weather, navigation, and other domain specific information. Take advantage of the latest large language model applications by interfacing with a custom generative AI platform either on board or in the cloud.

Safety and Convenience with Integrated Voice ID & Facial Geometry

Personalize the driver experience with simultaneous enrollment of face & voice biometric templates and an onboard camera. Track head, closed eyes, and eye movement to alert drivers who are distracted, fatigued, and otherwise potentially driving unsafe.

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Wake Words &

Multiple wake words can be used to trigger the head unit, phone, onboard commands, and cloud engines such as Siri, Amazon, Google and others to ensure modular or unified integration of voice interfaces.

Proven Reliability and Performance

Sensory’s legacy of providing accurate wake words and commands ensures high performance in challenging environments. Sensory wake words encompass pre-existing data models for commonly used wake words, featuring certifications for Enhanced Siri and Amazon Auto, alongside exceptional noise and crosstalk resilience.

Enhanced Siri CarPlay Testing Report

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Driving Innovation: Sensory & Panasonic Automotive Webinar

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Global Platform

Broad language coverage across key automotive markets – including wake words, natural language commands with automotive domain specific intent, entity extraction, and dictation in 40+ languages. Along with user defined wake words and keywords, Sensory Automotive provides a localized experience for users worldwide.

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Sound Intelligence – Beyond Voice Commands

Onboard Emergency Vehicle Detection adapted for any part of the world. Enhanced safety with audio cues to create a safety framework, including alerting a driver to selected sounds inside the car, such as glass breaking and internal occupants.

Next-Generation User Identification and Verification with Voice and Face

Identify enrolled drivers to enhance personalization, authenticate transactions and profile changes for greater security, or detect a phrase spoken by a driver over other occupants for better accuracy and safety inside a vehicle.


Unparalleled Privacy on the Edge

Operating independently from the cloud ensures that user audio and data remains safely in board the car while reducing the possibility of being hacked.

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