Safety First

The ubiquitous usage of cell phones, infotainment, car controls and navigation systems while driving distracts drivers and creates potentially hazardous situations. Sensory’s speech recognition and synthesis solutions offer an intuitive and safe way for accessing these devices and applications while on the road. Additionally with the growing dangers of lost privacy and hacking into control systems, Sensory’s edge based isolated voice control capabilities enable a hacker-proof environment for changing mirrors, seats, HVAC, windows and other setting items that could cause distraction or accidents if remotely controlled while driving.

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Sensory's Automotive Customers

Versatility & Convenience

Sensory’s embedded speech recognition technologies provides car companies the best of both worlds – multiple wake words for Google or Alexa or Siri, and a custom branded experience for car control on device. With Sensory’s face ID technologies we can alert drowsy or distracted passengers, and automatically adjust settings for each individual in the car or employ biometric identification as an added layer of security. Click the image to see a demo –>

Sensory’s TrulySecure Facial Recognition Supports Modernizing a Classic

Sensory’s TrulySecure facial recognition engine enables an exciting keyless unlocking feature in Volkswagen’s Type 20 concept car. “The future of the Volkswagen Group will be defined by our success in developing new technology that is designed to meet our customers’ needs,” said Scott Keogh, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “As we roll out the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles, innovation will increasingly define who we are.”

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Multiple wake words? No problem!

Sensory has already collected the data and built deep learned models for “Hey Cortana”, “Alexa”, “OK Google”, “Hey Siri”& Enhanced Siri, “Hi Bixby”, “Xiao-du Xiao-du” and over 2 dozen other assistants. These wake words have been approved for market and are already shipping in real products with proven performance and reliability in high-performance applications like vehicles, smart speakers and home appliances.

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