Who is Really the BEST at Wake Word Technology?

Sensory has produced lots of studies showing how great our wake words perform and has shown how the new SensoryCloud.ai can further improve wake words in a hybrid cloud environment.

But there’s another way to look at excellence in wake words, and that’s to look at the top tech firms that have their own in-house speech technology and see whether they have licensed wake words and who they might have licensed them from…

  • Microsoft has in-house “Hey Cortana” technology, but when they needed low power “Hey Cortana” for their hearables they turned to one outside company.
  • Apple has in-house “Hey Siri” technology but one other company has been approved to ship “Hey Siri” wake words.
  • Google has now made it impossible for anyone but Google to provide a Google wake word, but there was a time when they allowed outsiders in, and they chose just one outside company for Google Glass and Waze.
  • Amazon has their own Alexa technology in-house, but there is one 3rd party player that has been licensed by Amazon for use in “Alexa” wake words in their tablets.
  • Baidu has their own in-house wake word technology and even acquired a wake word company, but they have also licensed a 3rd party supplier.

The interesting thing here is that ALL the companies have turned to Sensory and licensed Sensory technology…and of course they did a lot of testing before making these decisions!

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