Can Your Assistant Deliver?

In the old days of corporate America an “assistant” would bring you coffee. Today the “assistant” is Alexa or Google or some other voice assistant, and they don’t directly bring you coffee…yet.

Over 30% of U.S. adults now have at least one smart speaker, 60% have used a voice assistant on a smartphone, and the market penetration continues to grow. Currently people use their voice assistants for a lot of music playing, alarm setting and general queries. Another trend is occurring in parallel to the growth of voice assistants, and that is the market for ordering ahead for food to go.

Walmart already allows orders through Google Assistant, and Alexa Skills have been built for ordering from dozens if not hundreds of restaurants. A new survey from The MDR Group and Progressive Business Insights shows more than two-thirds of adults are interested in using voice assistants to arrange food orders.

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