The Vision Technologies team has developed and deployed innovative biometric solutions that leverage the latest in deep-learning methodologies to millions of consumer devices. We pride ourselves with developing highly efficient and on-device embedded technologies that perform at state-of-the-art levels while protecting the privacy of our end-users.

As a Senior Research Scientist within Sensory’s Vision Technologies team, you will have the opportunity to bring your intelligence and help us to continue driving face biometrics in new and exciting directions. As a member of our team, we are looking for an individual with strong skills in machine learning, computer vision and mobile hardware to join our small team of outstanding researchers and developers in downtown Boulder, CO. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies for face biometrics and audiovisual fusion while shaping the development and deployment of our SDKs enabling a wide-range of human-computer interfaces.


Here’s what you’ll do when you join the Sensory Vision Technologies team:

  • Optimize vision-based machine learning algorithms for mobile and DSP applications
  • Develop novel deep-learning solutions for object detection and computer-vision problems associated with face recognition tasks including expression analysis, eye tracking and demographic analysis.
  • Collaborate with in-house voice recognition experts developing novel solutions that combine voice and vision-based signals
  • Collaborate with a local team of software developers to integrate machine learning and computer vision solutions into Sensory’s TrulySecure SDK


For us, qualifications are whatever enables you to meet (and exceed) your performance objectives. We’re not going to specify a number of years of experience, or tell you what degree you must have, but we expect you will have significant computational and deep learning experience. You should highlight the relevance of your particular technical background in your cover letter along with your comments on the following characteristics of successful candidates for this position:

  • You are a natural leader and a great communicator. You enjoy presenting your research work and collaborating with other researchers to find innovative and efficient solutions to challenging problems.
  • You love working with big data and enjoy the challenges of designing algorithms that work at scale and deploying them as commercialized solutions.
  • You are familiar with state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and have hands-on experience deploying deep-learning solutions in compute-limited environments.
  • You have experience optimizing machine-learning algorithms for mobile (Android, iOS) and embedded platforms (DSP, IoT devices, etc.) and relish implementing those algorithms in ways that exploit individual device capabilities.


  • The Sensory Vision team uses an iterative/agile development methodology (borrowing from Scrum), and you will be a key contributor in the entire development cycle.
  • At Sensory, we put a great deal of emphasis on collaboration and maintaining an open working environment – having great coworkers is one of the biggest determinants for enjoying your work, and we take our enjoyment of work very seriously.
  • Your opinions matter. We’re driven by technology and innovation, and we look to the smartest, most passionate people on the team as the source of ideas.


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