Powerful AI

Sensory’s powerful AI technologies not only provide consumers with convenience of voice based interaction products at home, it can also enable smart devices to alert us of things happening within our homes that we may not hear, safeguarding our homes and families from dangerous situations.

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Sensory's Consumer & Home Electronics Customers

“Sensory’s voice recognition capabilities provide a reliable foundation to build new digital experiences in the home that consumers will trust and use on a daily basis.”

Arsham Hatambeiki
SVP Product and Technology
Universal Electronics Inc.
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The Voice-Controlled Smart Home

A domain specific embedded assistant can be used for device control using natural language. For example a thermostat you can talk to (“Hey Thermostat increase the temperature to 69 degrees”), confirmation (“Temperature set to 69 degrees”), queries (“what is the room temperature?”), and information retrieval (warranty, user guides, etc). Sensory’s suite of embedded speech and biometric technologies can achieve this and more while keeping voice data private and secure; voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored.

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Home Security & Safety

TrulySecure Sound ID is capable of recognizing a variety of environmental sounds, including glass breaking, babies crying, dogs barking, home security alarms, smoke/CO alarms and low battery warnings, doorbells, knocking, snoring and more. Consumer devices could instantly warn users when these sounds occur and send the owner sound clips to better understand the situation.

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