Sensory’s Domain Specific Voice Assistant platform is a custom voice assistant and a perfect solution for device makers that want to create powerful products capable of understanding and responding to spoken commands, but don’t need the added complexity, component costs and potential privacy risks associated with leveraging a cloud-based voice services platform.

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Key Features

Intelligent natural language user interface
Intelligent natural language user interface.
Voice data is private and secure
Voice data is private and secure.
Support multiple languages
Supports multiple languages
No apps or Wifi required
No apps or Wifi required.
Fast & Accurate with no latency
Fast & accurate with no latency.


Sensory’s TrulyNatural™ software developer kit (TNL SDK) and engine provides a state-of-the-art, embedded, small-footprint, and speaker-independent, large-vocabulary continuous-speech recognizer that is both scalable and customizable for custom voice assistants in consumer electronics products, and easy to integrate into applications.

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