I Love Watson!

watsonI have a new favorite toy. It’s Watson the Raccoon, one of Hallmark’s new Interactive Storybook and Story Buddy™ characters.

I used to have the time to buy every product that featured one of Sensory’s technologies. I have to admit I don’t do that much anymore, and as my kids have gotten older, I buy fewer and fewer toys in general, much less ones with speech recognition. Luckily I was visiting my dad, and he had purchased one out of curiosity.

For many years, my favorite Sensory-based toy was from the very early days of Sensory called Radar the Robot, from Fisher Price. I have fond memories of my kids imitating Radar, and also remember biking around Bali on my honeymoon, going for a night ride through the jungle by myself just to find a fax machine so I could send an agreement draft back to Fisher Price (Design Win for Radar!)

Sorry Radar…Watson has removed you from your pedestal. Watson now reigns supreme!

Hallmark’s Interactive Storybooks use Sensory’s NLP based processors with TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control. As you read the book, the Story Buddy™ listens and interacts appropriate when it hears you say different phrases from the book.

I knew the concept was great when we first did Jingle the Husky Pup with Hallmark. I also knew that these products were selling really well, and I even knew that TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control is the MOST AMAZING technology to ever come out of Sensory (Hey – I just got an email from the manager of one of the larger speech organizations in the world and he said “we keep trying to break your TrulyHandsfree™ 2.0 beta technology, but we just can’t seem to make it fail!”)

What I didn’t know is what an EXCELLENT job Hallmark does in story writing, character creation, and putting the whole thing together to make a really fun experience that really works! The book starts off with Watson wondering why grass grows up and rain falls down… I love that line!

Kudos to you Hallmark…now I gotta go buy a Watson for my lobby!