Research Scientist

The Vision and Emerging Technologies team has developed and deployed innovative biometric
solutions that leverage the latest in deep-learning methodologies to millions of consumer
devices. We pride ourselves with developing highly efficient on-device and cloud technologies
that perform at state-of-the-art levels while protecting the privacy of our end-users. As a
Research Scientist within Sensory’s Vision and Emerging Technologies team, you will have the
opportunity to bring your intelligence and help us to continue driving face biometrics in new and
exciting directions. As a member of our team, we are looking for an individual with strong skills
in machine learning and computer vision to join our team of outstanding researchers and
developers in Boulder, Colorado or our Erlangen/Nuremberg Germany location. You will have
the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies ranging from face and voice biometrics to
speech recognition and sound identification while shaping the development and deployment of
our inference server and SDKs to enable a wide-range of human interaction with our models.

Performance Objectives

Here’s what you’ll do when you join our team:

  • Develop novel deep-learning solutions for computer-vision problems associated with
    face recognition tasks, including object detection, image embedding, expression
    analysis, eye-gaze regression, and demographic analysis.
  • Optimize vision-based machine learning algorithms for inference in cloud, mobile, and
    embedded DSP environments.
  • Collaborate with in-house voice recognition experts to develop novel solutions that
    combine voice and vision-based signals.
  • Collaborate with a local team of software developers to integrate machine learning and
    computer vision solutions into Sensory’s TrulySecure and SensoryCloud SDKs.


For us, qualifications are whatever enables you to meet (and exceed) your performance
objectives. We’re not going to specify a number of years of experience, or tell you what degree
you must have, but we expect you will have significant computational and deep learning
experience. Ideally, we are looking for the person with which the following key points resonates

  • You love working with large datasets, enjoy the challenges of designing algorithms that
    work at scale, and are capable of deploying your work as part of a larger commercial
  • You are familiar with state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and have hands-on
    experience deploying deep-learning solutions in compute-limited environments.
  • You are a proficient Python and C++ programmer with working knowledge of industry
    standard frameworks, including PyTorch, Spark, OpenCV, SciKit-Image, and Pillow.
  • You are capable of translating academic research into executable code, and have
    familiarity with reproducing (or refuting) others’ results.
  • You are a natural leader and a great communicator. You enjoy presenting your research
    work and collaborating with other researchers to find innovative and efficient solutions to
    challenging problems.
  • Bonus: You have particular interest in deep metric learning and have proven expertise in
    1:1 image verification, as well as 1:N image retrieval.
  • Bonus: You enjoy white-hat hacking and have experience with conducting simulated and
    real-world adversarial attacks on production models to help improve security.


  • The Sensory Vision and Emerging Technologies team uses an agile development
    methodology, and you will be a key contributor in the entire development cycle from
    research questions all the way to deployment.
  • At Sensory, we put a great deal of emphasis on collaboration and maintaining an open
    working environment – having great coworkers is one of the biggest determinants for
    enjoying your work, and we take our enjoyment of work very seriously.
  • Your opinions matter. We're driven by technology and innovation, and we look to the
    smartest, most passionate people on the team as the source of ideas.

About Sensory

Sensory, Inc. is a profitable private company that licenses cutting edge speech, biometric and
vision technologies. Our technologies have shipped in billions of units from hundreds of leading
product companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Baidu and many
others. Sensory's mission is to improve the way humans interact with products by designing
highly accurate, client, cloud, and hybrid speech and vision solutions!

Salary range $90,000.00year to $150,000.00/year.

Job Code# 2207-AH
Location: Boulder/Erlangen/Nuremberg are preferred, but we are open to anywhere

Sorry! This job has expired.