LG’s Latest Smartphones Utilize Sensory’s TrulySecure Facial Recognition for Greater User Convenience and Enhanced Device Security

Santa Clara, Calif., – September 11, 2017 – Sensory’s TrulySecure Facial Recognition allows users to quickly and conveniently unlock their LG V30, Q6 and G6 phone by simply looking at it – safe and convenient!

Sensory Inc., a leader in speech and vision technologies that enhance the user experience and security of consumer electronics, today announced that LG has implemented Sensory’s deep learning facial recognition security technology and deep learning anti-spoofing algorithms into the new flagship V30 smartphone, as well as the Q6 and G6 models, to make accessing the smartphone as easy as looking at the device.

Backed by Sensory’s decades of pioneering novel applications for embedded computer vision, Sensory’s award-winning TrulySecure™ face biometric authentication technology quickly, conveniently and securely recognizes enrolled users’ faces in less than a second, and differentiates individuals at a 99.999% accuracy rate. Sensory’s facial biometric recognition technology requires no specialized hardware and works with LG’s standard 2D front facing cameras. Most importantly, the solution runs completely on device – facial biometric data and camera data never leaves the device, and is thus never sent to the cloud, mitigating any security and privacy concerns.

“The pursuits of providing an excellent user experience and boosting user security have long been the leading drivers for innovation in the mobile space,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory. “Sensory believes in layering biometrics like face and voice to create a highly secure, but hassle free experience. With LG’s integration of our TrulySecure authentication solution, users can simply hold their phone in front of them as they normally would when using it and it will unlock itself once their face is authenticated, no need to touch any buttons or biometric scanners.”

Where other face biometric recognition solutions require a reduction in user security to compensate for the false rejects associated with not recognizing users while wearing things like glasses, Sensory’s industry-leading embedded deep learning convolutional neural nets easily recognize users when a small part of the user’s face is obstructed by wearable accessories. Further boosting the security offered by TrulySecure, Sensory implements deep learning liveness detection algorithms that nearly eliminate the chances of somebody fooling the facial recognition algorithms with photos or video of the enrolled user.

LG has also implemented Sensory’s TrulySecure Speaker Verification and TrulyHandsfree wake word so phones can have added security through voice, and wake on command with low power activation that doesn’t drain the battery. These technologies also run on device, ensuring that voice biometric data and the spoken wake word are never sent to the cloud.

“The power of familiarity is revealed in user interface preferences. Facial recognition currently has lower familiarity than more established methods of security access and control, but will become more appealing as familiarity increases.” Said Jennifer Kent, Director, Parks Associates. “With major smartphone brands rolling out facial recognition as a key security measure, both awareness of and trust in this feature is expected to rise in 2018.”

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