Voice & Vision Capabilities: Essential Features

Voice control is an essential function in smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Globally deployed in over three billion products, Sensory provides software solutions for high-accuracy speech recognition and computer vision that offers fast response times, works great in noise, and saves battery life.

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Sensory Mobile, Tablet, and PC Customers

Sensory’s award-winning TrulySecure™ face biometric authentication.

Backed by Sensory’s decades of pioneering novel applications for embedded computer vision, Sensory’s award-winning TrulySecure™ face biometric authentication technology quickly, conveniently and securely recognizes enrolled users’ faces in less than a second, and differentiates individuals at a 99.999% accuracy rate. Sensory’s facial biometric recognition technology requires no specialized hardware and works with standard 2D front facing cameras.

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Differentiation in Mobile and Tablets

Want a natural language interface for ease of use in answering and making calls? How about features that Google doesn’t provide? A custom wake word perhaps for your mobile brand (like “Hey Bixby”). Or camera controls for voice selfies from up to 100 feet away. Sensory has the speech recognition, NLU, face and voice biometrics, Sound ID and scene analysis, and more to help make your phone more competitive.

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“User experience is the most important aspect of any mobile device design. Sensory’s TrulyHandsfreeTM allows mobile manufacturers to offer their customers products that feature an extremely intuitive touch-free voice-controlled user interface with minimal resource requirements, and full functionality even when no Internet connection is present.”

Will Strauss
Principal Analyst
Forward Concepts
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AppLock uses Sensory TrulySecure™ technology combining vision and voice authentication to create a simple way to lock applications on Android phones with one’s voice and face.

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