State-of-the-art, noise robust, and an order of magnitude smaller than comparable solutions.

Sensory’s technologists have developed a large vocabulary speech recognition system that runs on device with customizable NLU capabilities. It is highly scalable in size and features, and can run on a variety of operating systems or be ported to custom platforms.


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Key Features

Fast- Highly optimized neural network reduces MIPs. Running on device eliminates cloud communication delay.
Accurate- Best-in-class for embedded applications. Outperforms published benchmarks for cloud-based solutions.
Customizable- The recognition vocabulary can be tailored to a specific task or domain.
Private & Secure- Running on-device avoids the need to transfer sensitive information to the cloud
Natural- Allows users to speak naturally to their devices. Avoids need to learn restricted command sets


Sensory’s TrulyNatural software developer kit (TNL SDK) provides a state-of-the-art, embedded, small-footprint, and speaker-independent, large-vocabulary continuous-speech recognizer that is both scalable and customizable for consumer electronics products, and easy to integrate into applications.

Request the TrulyNatural™ product brief to learn more.

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