Power Outages

2008 is here, and in the Silicon Valley it comes with a series of powerful storms, winds up to 60 miles per hour and rain, rain, rain. Of course, what this means is power outages are upon us; a short one and the house will probably stay cold enough to not worry about the food going bad. We’ll build fires, light candles, load the flash lights with batteries, and when the power comes on, spend way too much time resetting our clocks.

Yeah, that’s my pet peeve. No one ever created a standard way to reset the time on clocks, so it always takes a bit of systematic experimentation to figure out exactly how to reset clocks and appliances like VCR’s.

But wait-Have you seen Sensory’s new time-set technology? This inconvenience could be a thing of the past if the clock uses a Sensory chip. Check out the YouTube video.

This is what customers have been asking us for years and years and the accuracy was never quite there, but we kept working on it. I’m happy to say, we’re there! Sensory now has a chip that sells in volumes for under $2 that can be integrated into clocks and uses voice recognition to set the alarm time with natural phrases like “Five thirty-five AM”. Recognizing digits in a natural context is one of the Holy Grails in speech recognition, and I’m proud to say ours works very accurately. Of course, shutting off alarms by voice commands or creating hands-free requests like “What time is it?” can be done as well.

I hope to see low-cost clocks for under $30 hit the market by the end of the year that incorporate Sensory’s chips featuring this awesome new technology. It’s REALLY COOL, and I’m REALLY EXCITED about it!