Quick Thoughts

  1. Texas A&M Transportation Institute Study. Yeah they found that using Siri or Vlingo was as dangerous as texting while driving. Adam Cheyer hit the nail on the head in his response But Adam focused on Siri…Turns out they didn’t use Vlingo in the In Car mode, which was of course designed for In Car. Duh! Vlingo’s (now Nuance) In Car uses Sensory’s Truly Handsfree which requires NO TOUCHING and no distracted eyes while driving. All these articles which said “Handsfree texting no safer than typing” really got it wrong. It’s not TRULYHANDSFREE!!! In the study they held phones in their hands and hit buttons. Sorry that’s not Handsfee!
  2. Google Now on iOS. Cool! Android speech recognition is very good and probably the best, but having it built into the home button is easy, and easy usually trumps good. But Apple can’t be complacent, it’s gotta make some big moves or it will be left behind in the category they popularized.
  3. Google Glass. Holy smoke what a lot of press it gets. Sensory has 2 in house and we love the user experience! We believe wearables will become huge and Google is certainly driving the forefront of this. Glass must use Google’s speech recognition in the clouds. Wonder what they use on the client? It works GREAT!
  4. Galaxy S4. Yep, Sensory made it in for the embedded recognition used in triggers (with SVoice) and voice command and control! We got invited to the launch party. It’s a GREAT product, with a GREAT embedded speech recognizer.
  5. Icahn buying into Nuance.  Interesting…Can’t be bad for Nuance investors, until he sells! It’s nice to see speech technology reach the forefront in not just consumer electronics and technology but in the finance world too!
  6. Qualcomm introduces voice triggers. Yeah everyone knows that’s the area where Sensory dominates. Better accuracy, faster response time, lower power consumption, works in noise and from a distance, etc. People ask if Qualcomm is using Sensory technology. I say try it, and if it works GREAT then it’s probably Sensory’s. Anyways, we welcome the Qualcomm solution as it totally validates what we’ve been saying and doing. I tried it at mobile world congress and it responded well in noise, but you had to hit a button to turn it on to make it listen, which kind of defeats the purpose.
  7. Amazon buying the pieces. Yeah they bought up some of the best components available – TTS from Ivona, cloud speech recognition from YAP, and now intelligence from Evi. Even adding it all up, they haven’t paid that much and if they put it all together well, they should be in a strong position relative to their competitors.
  8. Industry. The overall speech field is aligning as a battle of titans all with good patent positions, large teams, and good technologies. Amazon, Google/Android, Microsoft, and Nuance are all major speech players today. Apple probably is too, but it’s hard to know what’s in house at Apple vs. Nuance. Nuance is the only substantive player that’s a vendor, out selling speech technology.  This puts them in a nice position, but they have competitors giving it away on all major platforms, so nobody is without challenges. Sensory might be the second largest speech vendor after Nuance and our sales are less than 2% of Nuance…pretty amazing gap there! I want to fill that gap! ;-)