Random Thoughts and Miscellaneous Videos

  • Android JellyBean Speech Recognition. It’s REALLY REALLY awesome. I thought all those video comparisons with Siri must be staged, but I’ve been using it and it’s very fast and very accurate and reasonably intelligent. My only criticism is in their marketing. First of all where’s the Mike LeBeau video? And what’s it called? Google Now? Google Voice? Google Voice Actions? JellyBean Speech Recognition? None of this marketing stuff really matters…it’s a big step forward in the handset based speech wars, and by my count puts Android in the lead on speech technology. Can’t wait to see Apple’s next release!! I bet it will be great…and Microsoft? You spent a billion dollars on Tellme, you have had the biggest speech team for the longest time, what are you doing???
  • One of Sensory’s technology apps guys did a really nice demo placing the Sensory trigger to call up the Android JellyBean speech engine. Look how nicely the Sensory technology interacts to make the whole experience not only handsfree but ripping fast!
  • ChinaMobile invested over $200M in iFlytek…WOAH!!! Really? Over $1.2B valuation. Holy Smokes.
  • OK, I’m a speech geek…there’s something I really like about attractive women using speech recognition on QVC (yeah this is a Sensory chip based product, that works AMAZINGLY well in a live shoot)
  • I’m a huge fan of Hallmark’s Interactive Storybuddies…There’s a ton of other fans who have posted videos showing how nice these products are. Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree technology on a NLP chip is embedded in a plush character that responds while you read a book. Now everyone in the speech industry knows that speech recognition works better with men than women, and that accents destroy recognition accuracy, and that you need to speak loudly into the mic or else the S/N will be too poor for recognition to perform. Well watch this video of a soft speaking British accented female using a Hallmark Storybuddy to see how AMAZINGLY perfect the Sensory engine does.