Sensory and DSP Concepts: Collaborating to Empower Product Makers

Sensory and DSP Concepts both provide technologies that empower developers to make better audio products. Sensory focuses on improving the user experience through embedded machine learning technologies for wake word detection, command and phrase spotting, natural language processing, and sound identification. The mission of DSP Concepts is to make audio innovation easy, providing product makers with a low-code, hardware-independent audio development platform with tools that streamline workflows from prototyping to production.

Sensory’s machine learning solutions — TrulyHandsfree for wake word detection & phrase spotting and TrulyNatural for continuous speech recognition — represent a voice user interface that is private, fast, and requires no cloud computing. The Audio Weaver platform by DSP Concepts enables the drag-and-drop creation of audio designs, and the TalkTo audio front end enables flexible voice control that can be scaled to meet a variety of use cases.

Each company provides foundational software building blocks of a voice user interface (VUI), so it is no wonder that we share close customer connections. In fact, the technologies complement each other so well, Sensory and DSP Concepts frequently end up working together to meet customer’s requests.

While providing innovative voice technologies is critical to each individual business success, equally important is providing our chipset partners with streamlined access to these technologies. With that in mind, Sensory and DSP Concepts have entered into a strategic partnership and created a first of its kind technology bundle for voice enabled products. The end goal is simple, to make it easier than ever for chipset companies to integrate all the necessary software to create a world class voice user interface solution.

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree and TrulyNatural libraries have been integrated and made directly available on the DSP Concepts Audio Weaver platform. Additionally, Sensory’s edge-based AI models are tested and tuned for optimal performance with additional processing by DSP Concepts. Both companies now offer shared terms and licensing for the combination of DSP Concepts and Sensory technology. This comprises a complete software package, that when paired with a hardware solution, becomes a near-turnkey audio design toolkit for product makers to easily integrate powerful and flexible voice control into their products.

“Adding Sensory’s software to Audio Weaver gives brands the ability to integrate custom voice commands more efficiently than ever,” states Chin Beckmann, DSP Concepts CEO. “Instantly bringing the full vision of a branded and custom voice experience from prototype to deployment. With this integration, Audio Weaver and Sensory will be at the center of it all.”

“Bundling Sensory and DSP Concepts software provides product makers with a full solution for voice processing,” said Todd Mozer, Sensory CEO. “Chipset companies can now quickly and easily get world-class software and voice tools integrated to enable voice designers at scale. Working together to enable customized and unique voice experiences.”

Please join us at CES 2022 for a demo of Audio Weaver and TrulyHandsfree. Sensory and DSP Concepts will be presenting at the Venetian Exhibit Suites 29-315, 29-317, and 29-321.


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