Sensory and Generalplus Unveil Game-Changing Tech for Children’s Speech Recognition

Santa Clara, CA, November 15, 2023 – Sensory Inc., a pioneer in edge AI for speech recognition, in collaboration with Generalplus Technology, a leading supplier of embedded speech controllers for global markets in education, toys, and home appliances, proudly announces a groundbreaking integration. The TrulyHandsfree phrase recognition technology has been successfully ported into the Generalplus GPCM300A. This integration heralds a new era in offline speech recognition for children, targeting the consumer and education markets with unprecedented accuracy and affordability.

Sensory’s VoiceHub Cloud has meticulously collected and analyzed extensive data on children’s speech, overcoming the challenges of differentiating between child and adult auditory patterns. This extensive research culminated in a compelling demonstration at the New York Toy Fair 2023, garnering enthusiastic feedback for its precision, even in noisy environments. The GPCM300A’s single-chip design, now augmented with TrulyHandsfree technology, sets a new standard for cost-effective, powerful voice applications.

Generalplus Technology, headquartered in Taiwan, is a global force in the integrated circuits domain, specializing in voice-controlled products for education, toys, and home appliances. Millions of their products are in use worldwide. Jacky Chen, Generalplus Marketing Manager, highlighted the impact of the Sensory and Generalplus collaboration, “The integration of Sensory’s THF technology with our GPCM300A chip, showcased at the New York Toy Fair, was so impressive that our customers immediately sought to incorporate this technology into their 2024 product lines.”

Developers can now leverage Sensory’s advanced speech models for both children and adults through the VoiceHub developer portal. This platform’s flexibility allows for seamless exports to numerous supported DSP and microcontroller formats, including the newly compatible Generalplus ICs.


About Generalplus

Generalplus Technology Inc. was incorporated in March, 2004 and listed in TSE (Ticker: 4952 TT) on November 1, 2011. Generalplus specializes in the research, development, design, and sale of Speech/Music Series, LCD Series, Digital Video & Image SoC Turnkey Solutions, and Micro-Controllers, which are mainly applied in interactive toys, AI/ intelligent educational learning products, car video recorders and MCU related products. For more information, please visit company website:


About Sensory:

Sensory Inc. is at the forefront of creating safer, superior user experiences through innovative vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s solutions are integral to consumer electronics, spanning mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT, PCs, medical products, and various home electronics. Their product suite includes TrulyHandsfree voice control, TrulySecure biometric authentication, and TrulyNatural large vocabulary natural language embedded speech recognition. Sensory’s technologies have been incorporated into over three billion units of leading consumer products, setting the standard in the industry.