Sensory and MediaTek Announce Automotive Partnership

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Jan. 5, 2024 – Released on PRLog — Sensory, a pioneer in on-device AI technologies, and MediaTek, a leading innovator in semiconductors, are proud to announce a partnership aimed at the automotive industry to bring advanced speech AI tech into the car. With a primary focus on enhancing in-car speech technology, the collaboration is set to redefine the driving experience.

Sensory has established itself as a global leader in developing on-device AI solutions for a variety of applications. The company’s expertise in speech-to-text (STT), wake words, text-to-speech (TTS), and natural language understanding (NLU) now runs on the MediaTek Dimensity Auto, specifically designed for automotive applications. The partnership between Sensory and MediaTek has created a powerful synergy, enabling both companies to deliver a complete, integrated solution for in-car speech technology that is unparalleled in the industry.

The partnership’s debut showcase will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the global stage for innovative technology, held from January 9th to January 12th, 2024.  MediaTek will showcase two demos in their booth located in the Venetian Suites.  One demo will show Sensory’s complete automotive solution including wake word, STT, NLU and TTS.  The other will showcase Sensory’s Speech-To-Text with MediaTek’s Large Language Model.  Both demonstrations will run entirely on the MediaTek MT2715 chipset. Contact Sensory to schedule a demo by completing the form here.

“We are thrilled to join forces with MediaTek to bring this cutting-edge, on-device speech technology to the automotive industry,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.

“By combining MediaTek’s expertise in generative AI technology with Sensory’s strengths in on-device voice AI, the collective efforts of our companies enable significant strides in providing next-level entertainment and security in vehicles powered by MediaTek Dimensity Auto,” said Ephrem Chemaly, General Manager and Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit at MediaTek.

The Sensory and MediaTek collaboration promises to usher in a new era for in-car speech technology. Attendees at CES can look forward to experiencing the future of automotive speech solutions firsthand. The demonstration at CES will be a turning point for the industry and a steppingstone toward a more connected, secure, and user-centric automotive experience.

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About Sensory:

Sensory Inc. is a global leader in on-device AI for consumer electronics and automotive, having shipped in over 3 Billion devices. Sensory technologies enable seamless voice and natural language user interfaces, face and voice biometrics, sound and scene analysis, and more.