Sensory Removes Barriers to Entry for Endpoint Voice Control (Arm Blueprint)

Sensory Inc. executive Joseph Murphy explores the obstacles in the path to full natural language control of our home devices, and the ways Sensory is mitigating against them


Joe Murphy, Executive, Sensory Inc.

“Defrost one pound of frozen chicken.” I have no clue what magical button sequence on my microwave will get me there, but it sure is easy to just say it. “Start a load of whites at 10pm tonight.” I’m not even going to try to dial that in to my washing machine—if I did, I’d undoubtedly end up with a pile of shrunken, off-color laundry.

Today, voice control around the home is mostly limited to the smart speaker and the smartphone. Yet just look around your home and I am sure you will find at least two or three appliances that have a user interface that is a confusing mashup of buttons, lights, switches, text and beeps.

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