Sensory’s New TrulyHandsfree SDK Simplifies the Development of Voice Activated Products

Santa Clara, Calif., – June 23, 2016 – TrulyHandsfree allows speech triggers and commands to be built into apps with under 20 lines of code

Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company focused on improving the user experience and security of consumer electronics through state-of-the-art embedded voice and vision technologies, today announced the availability of its new TrulyHandsfree SDK, the next evolution of the company’s embedded small-footprint voice user interface platform. Designed with software developers in mind, TrulyHandsfree significantly simplifies the development of speech recognition applications, greatly reducing the amount of time necessary to implement a speech-controlled user experience.

Summary of TrulyHandsfree SDK Improvements:

  • SDK supports fixed triggers, user enrolled triggers and commands – phrase spotting technology makes TrulyHandsfree highly robust to noise
  • Speech trigger and commands can be added to an application with less than 20 lines of code
  • Tasks’ details are managed with streamlined modular speech recognition functions
  • Documentation for TrulyHandsfree 5.0 is easier to digest
  • All speech recognition models and task configurations are passed as one file, further simplify the API
  • Available JAVA API for Android – seamless integration with Android Studio (no JNI programming needed)

“Integrating always-on, always-listening speech triggers and speech command functionality into the user experience of software and apps used to require a deep understanding of how speech technologies work. With Sensory’s latest TrulyHandsfree SDK, we’ve made it simple for developers to integrate these must-have UX technologies into their products,” said Jacques de Villiers, Engineer, Technology Deployment at Sensory. “We’ve worked closely with our partners to understand what they wanted and completely redesigned our SDK to incorporate dataflow and inversion-of-control techniques to greatly reduce the overhead and complexity of designing TrulyHandsfree technology into applications.”

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree trigger technology has quickly become the most widely adopted keyword voice wakeup technology in the speech industry, with more platforms supported than any other voice recognition technology. Over a billion products utilizing TrulyHandsfree have shipped over the past several years from the world’s largest CE manufacturers. The TrulyHandsfree trigger is an extremely noise robust, low power, and highly accurate, embedded phrase recognition technology that listens for a special “wake up” phrase, yet ignores other conversations. TrulyHandsfree can be utilized a variety of different ways, supporting an assortment of wakeup voice triggers including fixed triggers, user-enrolled fixed triggers, user-defined triggers and speaker verification passphrases. TrulyHandsfree also supports high accuracy noise immune command sets and works seamlessly with the applications processors of devices and cloud-based speech recognition technologies, enabling seamless trigger-to-search or trigger-to-cloud speech recognition functionality. The technology can also be combined with Sensory’s TrulySecure speaker verification security technology, allowing for trigger-to-speaker-verification applications. TrulyHandsfree runs embedded on device so no cloud connection is necessary, making it secure from shared personal data being stolen from the cloud.

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree SDK currently supports the following languages: US English, UK English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. The TrulyHandsfree SDK is available for Android, iOS, Linux, QNX and Windows. Additionally, ultra-low-power deeply embedded ports of TrulyHandsfree are available for leading DSP/MCU IP cores from ARM, Cadence, CEVA, NXP CoolFlux, Synopsys and Verisilicon, as well as for integrated circuits from Audience, Avnera, Cirrus Logic, Conexant, DSPG, Fortemedia, Intel, InvenSense, NXP, Qualcomm, QuickLogic, Realtek, STMicroelectronics, TI and Yamaha.

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About Sensory Inc.
Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” touchless control. To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over a billion units of leading consumer products.

TrulyHandsfree is a trademark of Sensory Inc.