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Random Blogger Thoughts

June 30, 2014

  • TrulySecure™ is now announced!!!! This is the first on device fusion of voice and vision for authentication, and it really works AMAZINGLY well. I’m so proud of our new computer vision team and in Sensory’s expansion from speech recognition to speech and vision technologies. Now we are much more than “The Leader in Speech Technologies for Consumer Electronics”- we are “The Leader in Speech and Vision Technology for Consumer Products!” Hey check out the new TrulySecure video on our home page, and our new TrulySecure Product Brief. We hope and expect that TrulySecure will have the same HUGE impact on the market as Sensory had with TrulyHandsfree, the technology that pioneered always on touch less control!
  • Google I/O. Android wants to be everywhere: in our cars, in our homes, and in our phones. They are willing to spend billions of dollars to do it. Why? To observe our behaviors, which in turn will help provide us more of what we want…and they will also assist in those purchases. Of course this is what Microsoft and Apple and others want as well, but right now Google has the best cloud based voice experience, and if you ask me it’s the best user experience that will win the game. Seems like they should try and move ahead on the client, but lucky for Sensory we are staying ahead!
  • Rumors about Samsung acquiring Nuance…Why would they spend $7B for Nuance when they can pick up a more unique solution from Sensory for only $1B? Yeah, that’s a joke, and is definitely not intended as an offer or solicitation to sell Sensory!
  • OH! Sensory has a new logo! We made it to celebrate our 20 year anniversary!

A big month for Sensory!

September 20, 2013

Thought I’d share a few quick highlights of exciting things happening at Sensory.

  • Just hired a rockstar technologist to lead our spoken language efforts…more on this in the months ahead as we put together a new team in a new satellite location.
  • Also hired some to head Sensory’s efforts into vision technology…moving towards my long term VISION of what SENSORY should be!
  • LG shipped the new flagship G2 phone. Smart move to include Sensory, if I do say so myself.
  • Samsung shipped its new Galaxy Note 3 with TrulyHandsfree from Sensory!
  • Honeywell announced its smart thermostat with Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree voice control!
  • Texas Instruments released a video featuring Sensory’s VP Sales Jeff Rogers in action with TrulyHandsfree!