TrulySecure Biometric ID Now in Two Dozen Banking Apps from Major World Banks

Sensory’s TrulySecure Provides Instant, High-Security On-Device Face and Voice Biometric Authentication


Santa Clara, Calif., June 27, 2018Sensory, the leader in on-device AI technology, today announces that its TrulySecure™ face and voice biometric fusion technology has quickly become the de facto standard for providing seamless, high-security biometric authentication on mobile applications from global banks and financial institutions. Now in two dozen bank apps, TrulySecure is a FIDO-certified face and voice biometric recognition solution that provides cross platform, extremely secure & convenient, on-device authentication without requiring any specialized sensors.


Sensory has established numerous partnerships with notable technology integrators for the banking and enterprise sector, including EZMCOM, Fujitsu, Samsung SDS and VeriTran. Through these relationships Sensory has enhanced the user security and user experience of mobile banking apps provided by leading banks such as Alior, AXIS, Banorte, ICICI, Maybank, Mizuho Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank and numerous others. Additionally, Sensory has established partnerships with decentralized authentication solution providers like HYPR, Nok Nok and others to offer TrulySecure’s face and voice authenticators as components of their multi-factor authentication systems.


“Since announcing the first version of TrulySecure, we have had a great deal of interest from banks wanting to utilize our technology for adding greater user security to their apps without compromising convenience. While we are certainly excited to have more than two dozen banking customers, we believe that we are just now beginning to see the tipping point for mass adoption among banks globally. We look forward to continuing our leadership role in the biometric revolution taking place in the banking market by constantly improving TrulySecure and working even more closely with our partners to deploy it,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.


TrulySecure delivers multiple advantages over other biometric solutions including:

  • Deployable on the widest variety of new and existing devices (no special sensors required)
  • Supports 2D, 3D and IR cameras
  • Simple UI – no tapping screens, swiping fingers, or carefully positioning an eye
  • Fast enrollment and usage
  • Robustness to environments with poor lighting or high noise
  • Anti-spoofing techniques such as motion and skin texture analysis
  • Multi-biometric fusion to enable smart adaptation to environments
  • FIDO (Fast Identification Online) UAF Certified


Ideal for a wide range of applications, including banking, enterprise, mobile payment, password manager and retail apps, TrulySecure has SDKs and FIDO-compliant authentication solutions for both Android and iOS, allowing developers to offer the same elegant user authentication experience across nearly all of today’s mobile devices. Sensory offers a streamlined reference UI for customers to use as-is or modify for use within their own Android and iOS apps. Additionally, Android and iOS applications can take advantage of the added layer of security offered by Android KeyStore and iOS Keychain encryption to further protect the biometric data while not in use by the system.


In addition to providing ultra-secure biometric authentication solutions for mobile banking apps, Sensory continues to innovate exciting new technologies designed to enhance the overall user experience they offer. Sensory’s new virtual bank teller demo is a proof-of-concept application for Sensory’s advanced embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technologies working together to provide bank and financial institution customers a lifelike bank teller experience directly on their smartphones and tablets, without the need and risk of sending valuable information to the cloud.


Watch the virtual bank teller demo here:


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