Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit V3 Now Includes Sensory’s AI

Vivoka expands their range of embedded voice technologies on their latest Voice Development Kit with the integration of Sensory’s TrulySecure Voice & TrulyNatural

 Companies desire dynamic embedded voice recognition capabilities beyond the cloud-tethered offerings from tech giants like Google or Amazon in order to own or brand their voice experience. Vivoka’s latest Voice Development Kit 3.0 uniquely equips developers with an array of voice recognition AI that now includes Sensory’s TrulySecure Speaker Verification & TrulyNatural

 Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit (VDK) 3.0 reflects the culmination of several years of voice technology expertise. The specialized software development kit featuring a user-friendly graphical interface, offers all the embedded speech technologies – proprietary or partner’s – clients would need, from automatic speech processing, wake words, to voice biometrics and text-to-speech. It is currently the only solution that gathers a complete range of voice solutions from multiple providers, enabling developers with the ability to easily benchmark, develop, and test their use cases.

 The integration of Sensory’s embedded AI, TrulySecure Speaker Verification and TrulyNatural, bolsters Vivoka’s VDK 3.0 software library with voice biometrics and a large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer.  Sensory’s TrulySecure Speaker Verification (TSSV) provides a real-time, on-device, voice biometric API targeting a wide range of computing platforms. The TrulyNatural engine, which supports several languages, is ideal for a multitude of purposes, and it boasts true security since voice data never leaves a device, nor is it stored in the cloud.

“The speech recognition market is exploding. New technologies are emerging and bringing new use cases. One of them, voice biometrics, is particularly promising. That’s why we are pleased to announce our technical partnership with Sensory, whose technologies are now available in the Voice Development Kit.”, William Simonin, CEO @Vivoka 

The combination of Sensory’s AI and Vivoka’s VDK addresses the voice user interface development needs across several verticals. Sensory’s TSSV and TNL have shipped in products ranging from IoT,  Mobile/Tablets, Banking, Medical/Healthcare, Automotive and more. Vivoka’s VDK is currently powering many applications in Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Mobility, and Aerospace. 

About Vivoka

  • Vivoka is a French company located in Metz and founded in 2015 by William SIMONIN. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Vivoka has become the French leader in voice recognition with the Voice Development Kit. It allows any company and developer to configure an embedded voice assistant composed of one or more offline voice technologies in record time. Vivoka won the coveted Innovation Award at CES 2019. A feat it repeated by winning the Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category at CES 2020. Accompanied by a dynamic team of about 30 employees, Vivoka has managed to double the number of its customers this past year.

About Sensory

  • Sensory Inc was founded in 1994 in Santa Clara – California. Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT, PC’s, medical products and various home electronics. Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over three billion units of leading consumer products.