Voice AI Predictions – Part 1

I enjoyed glancing through Voicebot.ai and their annual predictions from industry leaders. I was excited and amused to see Bret Kinsella’s opening comments:

Despite the breadth of topics covered, there are at least two topics that arose with meaningfully higher frequency than the others. Predictions related to the rise of custom assistants were mentioned by at least 11 contributors followed by an increase focus on voice solution while on-the-go. Personalization, both in terms of the user preference and emotion recognition or empathy, and a rise in multimodal user experiences were next in line mentioned by about 10% of the contributors.

I am excited by this because the predictions are really about some of the key things that Sensory does:

I am amused by this because I know how my predictions are driven:

1) I think about what customers are asking for

2) I look at what’s on Sensory’s technology roadmap

3) I decide what Sensory technology I want to get more exposure and push

Yeah I admit it, I do use “predictions” as an opportunity to plug technologies Sensory is selling (#3 on the list)…it’s a marketing opportunity! My guess is many of the other voice prognosticators do something quite similar to what I did in past years. I was lucky because I had the benefit of a LOT of customer knowledge (Sensory technology is very widely deployed and we have hundreds of active customer engagements), so it was easy to make 1 year out predictions that would come true (and without breaching any NDAs).

This year I decided not to participate in the Voicebot Voice Technology/Industry predictions. I want to change my annual prediction this year, and here’s what I’m planning:

  • My predictions WON’T be about technology per se. It will be more about business and finance and some of the mechanics happening in the Voice and AI space.
  • I won’t use a 1-year timeline…To be frank, one year is too short for meaningful predictions in “new” things and 2021 is going to weird like 2020. Covid-19 isn’t disappearing fast, and a new govt regime is taking charge in US. I’ll talk about trending I what trends I see around the AI and voice space in finance and business

So…look for my next blog appearing shortly on “What’s ahead for Voice and AI from a business perspective”.