Portable, Wearable, Intelligent Voice Assistance

Sensory’s low-power high-accuracy speech recognition technology is the solution for manufacturers of hearables, wearables, and wireless headphones with an intelligent voice user interface.

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Sensory's Wearables, Hearables, & Bluetooth Customers

Low Power Voice Control

Sensory can run low power natural language and biometrics (face or voice) on an application processor, while keeping the always on wake word in an ultra low power mode that can run on dozens of tiny DSP’s, microcontrollers, and specialized neural net hardware. Sensory has architected designs going from wake word to natural language to keep power consumption down and privacy up.


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Voice Activated Alexa Arrives on Bluetooth Headsets

“Sensory’s latest breakthroughs in low-power speech recognition technology creates a solution that opens the floodgates for manufacturers to make exciting new hearables, fitness accessories and wireless stereo headphones that benefit from a hands-free voice-controlled digital assistant experience.”


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The Privacy Consumers want.

Today’s consumer deserves a personalized assistant that is private, easy to use, and helps in their daily lives. However the reliance on cloud-based AI technology routinely compromises privacy.  Sensory’s low-power embedded voice assistant adds an intelligent voice interface to portable and wearable devices, while also adding Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana, functionality to them, without the cloud, delivering what consumers want without sacrificing the privacy they need.

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